20 Questions Tuesday: 229 - Transportation Woes II, "This time it's personal..."

Well, that was a helluva Friday.  Gut wrenching Friday to be exact.  I think it may be time to put the tragic events in Connecticut in the rear view mirror and hope that significant action comes of the tragedy so it is significantly more difficult to happen again.  This blog is not about real stuff though.  It is about nonsense, so lets get with the nonsensing!

In continuation of last week’s topic of Transportation Woes, today’s topic is Transportation Woes II: The Revenge, “This time it’s personal…”  Thanks this week go to Chris Corrigan, Ralph Harbison, John Petrisko, and Some Other Guy.

On to the questions:
1.  What is the worst transportation woe you have ever experienced?
Having to run from the International to the Domestic Terminal at the Newark Liberty International Airport in birkenstocks while carrying 2 40 lb bags and almost missing my flight to the ATL

2.  Oh, so it wasn’t when the ferry you were on had to go and rescue another ferry that had broken down and was drifting towards a rocky island with 400 people aboard?
This question seems oddly specific.

3.  Which is worse, to have a working car, but roads that are impossible to drive on because of snow and ice, or to have a perfectly good day for driving and a car that won’t start?
Worse is being trapped with a working car in un-driveable weather.  When it is nice out and your car doesn’t work, at least it is nice out.

4.  Better transportation movie: “Airplane,” “Planes Trains and Automobiles,” or “Rocketman?”
Hands down, Rocketman.  Harlan Williams is a comedic genius in that movie.  Since the Disney stuff is now on Netflix, I hope that Rocketman gets there…

5.  Who would win in a race, Bo and Luke Duke or the Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit?
Bo and Luke, they have exploding arrows.  ‘nuff said

6.  Why is the unicycle such an underrated mode of transportation?
I find that it is not underrated at all.  In fact, one could make the argument that it is over-rated as a mode of transportation and underrated as a form of sideshow buffoonery at Phish concerts.

7.  Would it be problematic to have rickshaws pulled by teams of little people? Would it be better if they were Asian Little people?
It would be problematic due to the short legs.  I am not sure Asian descendancy would help at all.

8.  Why must bicycle riders insist on wearing the absolute ugliest, least flattering outfits possible? Not the actual racers, mind you, but pretentious middle class, starbucks swilling mega-douches?
It is the modern equivalent to the 1970-1980 golf outfit.  It is how mega-douches roll.  They show you how much money they have by choosing to wear the most ridiculous looking clothing.  “I am so wealthy, I can wear this crap and STILL feel better about myself compared to you.”

9.  If you had a choice between a useable jet pack or teleportation being a reality which would you choose?
Teleportation, easily.

10.  In Pittsburgh I was relegated to public transportation for schooling (mainly the bus) have I had enough transportation woe?
Yes, I cannot imagine being in a bus in Pittsburgh.  The whole city drives like it is a high school parking lot.  Right-of-Way is determined by gruff looks and how crappy your car is.

11.  In reference to the above question, in Europe I loved public transportation why the difference?
Well, Europe has great public transportation infrastructure.  Typically the bus system has good headways and adequate coverage, and if there is a subway, metro rail system… all the better.

12.  Have you used public transportation in Columbus? Woe or no?
Only a few rare times.  

13.  When I was growing up we had a neighbor whose Chevy Vega literally split in half due to rusting. Is this worse than your current problem?
Significantly worse than my current transportation woes.

14.  Why didn’t the camel take off as a mode of transportation in the US West?
The spitting… horses don’t spit.

15.  Favorite mode of transportation?
I love flying, but I don’t get to do it often.

16.  Worst mode of transportation?
The back of a leprous nearsighted leatherback turtle with a sprained flipper.

17.  What is a stopping a horse on which you are riding?
Transportation Whoa?

18.  So the other day I was walking on the side of the street and a car flew past me going about 80 mph (128+ kph).  The car nearly hit me, and was easily within 9 inches of tagging me with the side-view mirror.  I hate the way that kind of near brush with a deadly moving object can cause the adrenaline flow to amp up without giving any ability to dissipate that kind of boost.  Not so much a question as a statement of “AAAAAGHHH, A CAR ALMOST HIT ME!!!!”
Okay… Take a breath and calm it down.  Simmer down, and punch a cloud or something.

19.  A passenger train leaves the train depot 2 hours after a freight train left the same depot. The freight train is traveling 20 mph slower than the passenger train. Find the rate of each train, if the passenger train overtakes the freight train in three hours.
The freight train is traveling 30 mph, and the passenger train is traveling 50 mph, and the trains have traveled 150 miles.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

20.   Monorail?  Did you say monorail?
You know, a town with money’s a little like the mule with the spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it.

To recap:
The car woes are over
It was something to do with the alternator
Not the alternator proper, but a thingamajigger inside the alternator or associated with the alternator
Basically the repair was not $ or $$$, but merely $$
I need a haircut
I should prolly get one before the holiday
Sweet giblets and gravy, Christmas is next week!
Holy Crap!  The end of the world is Friday!
I will never get to see my presents
That’s a bummer
I have got to get my deviated septum fixed in my nose
Have to
It is going to be a good holiday this year
On another note I am carrying a 4.0 with 1/6th of my degree done
Woo freakin hoo!
Have a great weekend everyone