20 Questions Tuesday: 234 - Rain



back to the regular schedule… and by regular schedule I mean me answering questions in an asinine manner.  Some questions will be asinine, but, all answers will be.  So, it is almost February in Columbus, Ohio and it was gloomy and rainy yesterday… therefore, today’s topic is “Rain.”  I am nothing if not topical!

Thanks this week go to Kelly Smith, Nadolny, Lsig, Dr B-Dawg, Chris Ring, and Brett Wood. Let’s get to the questions.

1.  Acid or Purple?
I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain…

2.  You have become an overlord in a post apocalyptic world. If you were to start a reign of terror, what would it begin with.
The Spanish Inquisition… weren’t expecting that were you?

3. What’s up with freezing rain?  Can’t make up it’s mind. Is that the definition of wishy-washy or what?  (puns intended)
I think that people forget that precipitation can be many things.  Freezing Rain is just our inadequate naming convention, freezing rain is not a wishy-washy precipitation form… we have a wishy-washy language.

4. Favorite rain song? Least favorite rain song? (I despise many).
Favorite: I cannot think of one that just jumps out at me.
Least Favorite: Singing in the Rain… it is too much of an earworm

5. Hydroplaning, discuss.
Ah, hydroplaning, the way I “got rid” of my second car.  Really annoying

6.  If you got caught in purple rain, would you be laughing? Really? I think I’d freak out.
I would not be laughing, but if I saw you in the purple rain, I would expect you to be laughing… in fact, it is the only thing I would want to see.

7.  If you gotta blame it on something, is the rain really your best choice?
I think blaming it on a guy named Rob or Fab would work better, but seriously, I would blame it on a greedy producer.

8.  Which get you down more: rainy days or Sundays?
Rainy days

9.  Does the rain ever fall on your head like a new emotion?
Nope…. but I faintly remember it falling on my head like a memory…

10.  What would you foresee as the biggest potential problem were it to actually start raining men (hallelujah)?
Craters… craters of splattered men and broken limbs

11.  Who do you think the OED attributes “makin’ it rain!” to?
My bet will be Fat Joe

12.  Do you like jumping in muddy puddles?
Not especially… especially with my awesome shoe selections.

13. “Dancing in the rain” is a great tune, but it is really dangerous. Would this be the most dangerous song title of all time?
Nope, the most dangerous song name is, “Hot for Teacher”

14.  Many people like to sleep when it rains, how ‘bout you?

15.  As a kid we used to construct make-shift “boats” out of popsicle sticks or paper and send them down the sides of the street towards the sewer during rainstorms. Can you remember doing anything like that as a kid?
God, did you also like pushing a hoop down the street with a stick? Skipping down the street with a big lollypop?  Are you 70?

16.  Do you find that rain slows life down a little which is why some people like when it rains?
That is an interesting theory.  I really like it.

17.  Do you know why I like rain? … Because it’s NOT SNOW!!! ok, I kinda answered my own question, you’re welcome ;)
Well, that makes my response easy.  It is like you don’t even need me.

18.  Do rainy days and Mondays get you down?
Just Mondays.

19.  Is there such a thing as too much rain?

Yep! There is also “too little…”


 “Too something”can always happen in a near infinite universe… I just blew your mind, didn’t I?

20.  Can you make it rain?
Best I got is a strong mist or a drizzle, but I cannot make it rain.

To recap:
Couple other interviews in the works
Gonna be awesome when they hit
But until then, you will ave to deal with me
Wow, you forget one “h” and the statement looks all 1890’s Cockney
The rain in Spain falls mostly on the plain
It’s like I’m th’opposite of “My Fair Lady,” govnah
I got on the treadmill Sunday evening, I did… what the ell was I thinkin?
Now me legs are all quivery and such, they are
And my feet
My feet feel like I’ve been walking on stones all day
Look, ere’s Gorilla Grodd for yer pleasure

Oy! Ave a great weekend