20 Questions Tuesday: 235 - :)

I did not do any prep for this post… I don’t have an interview and I have not sent out the clarion call for questions that I usually do on Mondays… How will we do this?  I will find an online questionnaire and answer it!

Here we go, these questions are from:


1. Do you wear make-up, if you do what kind?

2. Do you have a YouTube account? If you do what kind of videos do you make?
Yep, but anyone who has a Google account has a YouTube account.  Having an account does not mean that one becomes a content creator.

3. Do you have a Facebook/ twitter?
Yup… I tend to like Twitter better than Facebook

4. Who is your favorite singer/actor?
Well singing actors are a small population.  Hmmm… Ewan McGregor, or maybe Hugh Jackman… Obi Wan or Wolverine?

5. Do you have a iPod, if you do what are your top five songs on it?
They are mainly from comedy albums, but they are in order:

Sex in your Bottom by Greg Behrendt

A-Punk by Vampire Weekend (the lone song in the group)

God’s Lobby by Greg Behrendt

How do I get in a Relationship by Greg Behrendt

Riff Suite 2: The Mystery of Offices/The Burden of Seeing Me by Paul f Tompkins

6. What shirt are you wearing right now, and where is it from?
It is a light blue tight plaid pattern button down shirt that I got from somewhere about 5 years ago.

7. What is your favorite color or colors?
I like varying shades of green.

8. Do you live in a 2 story or 1 story house?
If you do not count the basement, it is 2 stories, but technically I could have answered this question with a simple “Yes,” because I do live in a 2 story or 1 story house.  This question is also awkwardly presumptive of my socio-economic status.  I could be renting or living in a box under an overpass only accessing the Internet via public computers at the Library.  Your questions are weak and poorly worded.

9. Do you like to read?

10. Favorite store?
I would say the grocery store.  I go there all the time and clearly spend most of my money there.

11. Do you have pets? what kind?
Nope.  Non-existent.  Again, poorly worded question.  The second part should be “If so, what kind?”

12. How popular are you?
Dreadfully… take that as you will

13. What color hair do you have?
It is brownish.

14. DO you like your life?
I do… but I think you meant to emphasize “like” or “your” instead of “DO.”

15. Last text message says?

16. Do you get makeup from drugstores, if you wear it?
This is a bizarre question, at best.  This is like a logic question that follows a listing of statements.  Tammy doesn’t like make-up.  Betty wears makes up that only comes from beauty stores.  Liz likes make-up but will only wear make up from retailers found in larger stores.  If you are Liz… Question 16!

17. Favorite sport?

18. What kind pants are you wearing right now?
Some light green slacks.

18. What your best friends name?
My best friend name is Glen, unless you count the wife, and then the best friend is the wife.  Glen is awesome, but the wife is a badass… you should really QA/QC your questions.

19. Do you love like or hate life?
And maybe you should re-read your questions before publishing.  See 14…. also commas, look into them.

20. Did you have fun answering these questions?
Meh, and sometimes I define “meh” as “no.”

To recap:
I clearly need to get questions from better sources
These questions are not well thought out
These questions are not provocative
These questions is not grammatically correct
But I did not do my due diligence and am left with these questions
Dad goes into get some heart stuff tomorrow morning
I hope they find a heart and not some mechanical pump that was placed there by space aliens 24 years ago when he lost those 4 hours of his life while driving cross-country…
Wait, check that last statement, the alien thing would actually be pretty cool
Unless it is one of those H.R. Geiger aliens… thems some ugly aliens… and mean
Have a good weekend everyone