20 Questions Tuesday: 241 - Changing Seasons

This weekend was the first truly beautiful weekend that was not followed immediately by snow and ice. In fact, this week has held up as being pretty good weather as well… I think we may have turned the corner.  It may, in fact, be spring now.  So, I feel it appropriate to have today’s topic be “Changing Seasons.”

Thanks this week go to themikestand, Nadolny, lsig, and some other guy.  On to the questions!

1. What signals the “change of seasons” for you Ohioans? When I lived in the prairies, winter ended when it stopped snowing, the sun came out and melted away all the snow and it got warm. On the coast, it rains until what snow we may have melts, and until everyone grows mold, and then the sun comes out in June and dries us up.

Ohio is in the confluence of 3 major weather systems in North America.  So for us, weather changes rapidly and often with little warning.  For me and other denizens of Ohio to consider a season change, it requires about a solid week of consistent weather.

2.  What is your favourite song featuring the word “season” in any of its forms?

Anything by Salt-n-Pepa… Fun fact, my favorite of Salt-n-Pepa was Spindarella.

3.  Has outdoor soccer started yet, or is all spring soccer on artificial turf?

Yep, it just started around here for kids.  Little Man is not part of it.  He does not seem all that excited about playing soccer.

4.  How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time being changed to include six more weeks of daylight? Would you just prefer to do away with DST altogether?

One of my friends, often times a person who sends me questions on the regular, the affable Lord Pithy, has posited the question of why not just bump the clocks by 30 minutes and leave it there year long?  He is a sweet man who is meant for pretty more than smart, but he speaks sooth.

5.  Do you have seasonal flooding with the spring thaw in your area? (not a euphemism)

Nope, although I wish the question had been euphemistic… a whole bunch. (answer would still be “no.”)

6.  Do you guys garden? What do you grow?

We would like to, but we have a deer problem and they eat everything under the sun

7. Favorite seasoning? Why?

Salt, it is very versatile.  It is a flavor enhancer.

8. Why does a young mans fancy turn to love in the Spring?

I think it is because things that young men fancy start wearing less in the Spring.

9.   ”Seasons Change” by Expose. Thumbs up or down on this late 80’s classic?

That song was horrible… even for the 80’s.

10.  Nice weather < or > spring allergies?

Nice weather > spring allergies… greater health through chemistry… antihistamines for the win.

11.  What one thing makes you think, “Ah-ha, now it is summer”?

When the light changes from a soft buttery yellow into a strong gold color in the early afternoon.

12.  Same question, but for Fall

Turning leaves, but not the crappy wine.

13.  Which is your favorite Ohio season? (Mine is “football”)

Wintmer.  It is the unseasonably warm weekend we get every January.

14.  How do you season a cast iron frying pan?

Never use soap.  

To season a pan, preheat your oven to 300°F (150°C).  Preheat the pan on the stove top.  When warm, coat the inside surfaces of the pan with vegetable oil or lard.  I prefer vegetable oil for its higher smoke point, although some people claim that it leaves a sticky finish.  Continue to heat just until you see ripples appear on the surface of the oil.  At this point, pour off any excess oil, give it a quick wipe with a folded paper towel held in a pair of kitchen tongs, and then put the pan into the oven for 45 to 60 minutes.  Remove the pan from the oven and allow it to cool to room temperature.*

15.  Is there a seasoning you cannot stand?

Corriander… it knows why

16.  Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme?

Nope, not going to Scarborough Fair.  You are gonna have to get there yourself, mate.

17.  How many seasons should there be?

8, there should be shorter transitional seasons between the big 4.  That way the kids would not be pissed when it is still cold on the first day of spring, or when it is seriously cold before it is the first day of winter… Northern Hemisphere only.  These mini-transitional-seasons should be called “when my sinuses are effed-up.”

18.  Equinox or Solstice?

Solstice, baby!  Especially Summer Solstice FTW.  Equinoxes can suck it.

19.  Why does the Earth have seasons?

It has to do with the tilt of the earth’s axis and the angle of incidence for sunlight hitting the surface of the planet… or maybe it is because people who live in LA really need something to make themselves feel better about living in a smog filled snarled road rage hole, and only having 1 really nice season all year round allows them to feel better.

20.  When is Snake Season in Australia?

What. The. Fuck?!?!  There is a snake season?  Holy shitballs, Captain Amazing!  There is a season for snakes?  That is the worst thing I have heard ever.

To recap:

Woooo-Hoooo nice weather is here again!

This week is the last week of double classes this semester

I only have 17 things to do this week for school

The wife is out until tomorrow morning

So tonight we are having fauxsagna

Just like lasagna but with garden rotini instead of lasagna noodles

So…. nothing like lasagna

I can’t have any of it due to the whole gluten thing I am dealing with

Did I mention I am off of caffiene for a few weeks now?

Oh, God, I miss Mt Dew

Soooo, tired of salads with grilled chicken

so, so tired of it

Have a great weekend everyone

*from here