20 Questions Tuesday: 242 - Potpouri Free-for-All


So today I could not think of a good topic so, I went with Potpourri…  This is a free for all, any of the people who ask me questions can ask me anything… woo hoo!  After a weekend of boatloads of homework and house cleaning, it is time for some questions!


Thanks this week go to: Lord Pithy, JHP, the Wife, and Chris Ring… I got questions from a bunch of other people as well and will save them for next week.


On to the questions!


1.  Are you a Gleek? Why or why not?

Nope, I cannot and never have been able to get into musicals… the final straw was when it was shown that the show lifted a musical arrangement from a musician I enjoy and did not give compensation or credit for the arrangement.  Jackasses.  


2.  If you could recolor the nation’s highways, what color would you choose?

Cobalt Blue


3.  Is vinyl truly final?

Vinyl is final, but brick is where it’s at.


4.  I like coffee, and I am always right. Defend your dislike of coffee.

I will use an analogy you will understand, Mr Pithy.  Coffee smells like a warm hug from Colin Farrell, but tastes like tastes like Rowan Atkinson’s bath water… stale and bitter.


5.  Do you think people are ready for flying cars?

Most people are technically not ready for cars, much less flying ones.


6.  This year’s Super Bowl winner please. I want the point spread too just in case!

Next year is San Francisco’s year, by 7.


7.  What makes the Magic Eight Ball so magic?

Ask again later


8.  Next big tech innovation? I don’t want to get left out like I did with Google.



9.  How would you and the family spend the perfect weekend or vacation morning?

Screw the family, I get to sleep in like everyone should on a vacation/weekend morning… other than that  hiking and just hanging out while someone else cooks.


10.  Alien autopsy real or not?

Most definitely not real.


11.  If you has to guess, what are the future careers of our children?

Little Man: Engineer, if he has his druthers, a lego Engineer

Miss Q: Something in advertising


12.  If you have to guess, what’s your future career?

That is a harder one, because I have lost the ability to dream and think big.  I would love to do something with this User Experience Design education that I am doing right now, because it intrinsically makes sense to me on a cellular level, and I am really good at it.  That being said, something that is more fulfilling than looking at holes in the ground.


13.  How can Steak’ums smell so good but taste so bad?

I used to love them as a kid, but I made one just a few weeks ago and the amount of just straight up fat was disturbing.  They smell good because they are steak cooking on a skillet, but they taste like grease.


14.  Please give the mathematical equation for marital happiness.

We can’t just give that secret away.  You and I have worked so hard for it…  I will give one of the variables and a coefficient though, and maybe someone can backwards engineer it.  Entropy and the number 7.  Get at it math nerds!


15.  What’s going on in the car of someone who buys a hanging air freshened?

Lots and lots of beans consumed, processed , and waste product released.


16.  What is man’s greatest invention?

Fire starting kits… they have evolved over the millennia but


17.  If you had to flee the country, where would you choose to live?

Canada… I have friends there.


18. All superheroes & villains put in a giant thunderdome, who comes out victorious?

The Atom… He goes sub-atomic and waits it out, and then takes down who ever did “win” while they are exhausted from a crazy donny-brook.


19.  When does 1+1 not equal 2?

In a binary number system.  1 + 1 = 10 in binary


20.  What goes up but never comes down?

Your age.. not mine, mind you, I have plateaued.


To recap:

This Boston stuff sucks

Really that is about the extent of it

The wife is pretty messed up about this because she is a runner

I am pretty messed up about this because my wife is a runner

This weekend was crazy busy

I have significantly less homework to do this week

I am back down to a single class for the rest of the semester

But I am kicking ass and taking names in the course right now

That makes me happy

Everyone hug a loved one today

If you are not in the same town as that loved one, get word to them that you are hugging them from afar

But not you stalker people, you people just need to walk away and leave your targets alone

Stalkers… sheesh, always with the inappropriate desire to hug… and potentially capture and preserve in amber

Have a great weekend everyone