20 Questions Tuesday: 243 - Potpourri... again

I got such a great response last week when I asked folks for questions that I had 20 waiting for me this week.  This past weekend, Maj McArmypants and his lovely girlfriend stayed with us for the weekend, and we found a restaurant within walking distance.  Woooo-hoooo

Without further ado, thanks to Chris Corrigan, steev, Newbold, and Maj McArmypants.  Let’s just get to it…

1.  What’s the deal with your hate on for gardening?  How do you expect to survive the apocalypse if you can’t even grow a squash?

What I can do and what I dislike doing are vastly different circles in the venn diagram of life.  I don’t like gardening because of the gardening chores surrounding it.

2.  If you were to totally change the subject of your art what would you start drawing?

Well, my art is a bit different from the sketches I do while I am in meetings at work.  The sketches I do are predominantly comic book characters, but part of that has to do with the medium.  I am drawing small sketches without any studies on notecards.  That typically limits itself to single characters that are oddly cropped.  My “art,” which admittedly, I have not done much of recently really is more eclectic.  

3.  What’s missing in your life?

Professional contentment

4.  What do you have in your life that everyone should have?

An awesome support system filled with love and generosity headed by a love that knows no bounds.

5.  OH-?

ugh… I-O

6.  Have you ever seen or even believe in ghosts?

Yup, but that is a tale for another time

7. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Tron… but not the second one, it’s pacing and use of the users was pitiful.

8. Who is the most underrated Star Wars character?

Nien Nunb

9. You may have seen those Febreze commercials where they put a stick-up thingy in a stinky place. Do you think they would do any good in the event of a zombie apacolypse?

Nope, Zombies are attracted to vibrations not smell…  They are, in effect, the T-Rex in Jurassic Park

10. When you put toilet paper on the roller does it go over or under?

Yes…  It goes over or under pending on how I put it there.  It is a random assemblage for me.

11.  What’s your biggest failure?

A moment on the evening of my 19th birthday… that being said, I would not be the person I am today without that event occurring… was that cryptic enough?

12.  What’s your biggest success?

My family.  It has been work, but it has been well worth it

13.  If family/pets are safe, what do you go into the burning house to get?

My cpu and a back-up hard-drive… It has many a picture on them.

14.  What motivates you?

Sadly, “fear.”  I am trying to change that to “excitement.”

15.  100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck, pick one to fight and say why.

100 duck-sized horses.  I feel I could take some of those with me, while I would not be able to do much to the horse-sized duck… that bastard can fly.

16. Define time.

The perceived propagation of moments forward and backward.

17.  Ever consider getting back into fencing?

Nope… wanna buy a watch?

18.  Read anything good lately?

I had to read The Cuckoo’s Egg by Cliff Stoll.  It wasn’t bad.  It is about a hacker getting surprisingly far into computer systems in the mid 1980’s.  I was surprised at how connected stuff was in 1986.

19.  So Tax Day has come and gone, it never felt more like a shake down.  Your thoughts? (To be clear I do not oppose an increase in taxes in exchange for reducing gov. expenditures.)

Taxes hurt this year, they hurt real bad… anyone wanna buy a sketch for $10?  Contact me and we can figure out how to do it.

20.  Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log.  Pete fell off who stayed on?


21.  Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log.  Pete fell off who stayed on?

The guy called Repeat…

22.  Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log.  Pete fell off who stayed on?

You know who it was.  It was Repeat…

23.  Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log.  Pete fell off who stayed on?

Sweet Mother of God and All that is Holy, this isn’t funny.  You know it was Repeat who….

24.  Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log.  Pete fell off who stayed on?

ugh… Repeat

25.  Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log.  Pete fell off who stayed on?

Not Pete.

To recap:

It was good to see Maj McArmypants

We ate like kings

Big, fat, gluttonous kings

I was not glutenous though

I would have been if we had gone to this one pizza place

I can put up with the bloat for a day and a half for that pizza

Here is the Thor I drew yesterday

He’s Thortastic

I am not feeling Thortastic today

Today I feel just a little off

For one of my classes I need to do “paid political ads” for and against SSD’s and HDD’s

Just feeling a bit under the weather… the gorgeous, gorgeous weather

Have a great weekend everyone