20 Questions Tuesday: 253 - Block

This week I had a difficult time coming up with a topic… some might say I had writer’s block.  Infact, I was writer’s blocked enough I decided to make today’s topic “Blocks.”  Now I need to answer questions about blocks… will there be writer’s block answering questions about blocks?  Will this post fold back into itself in some kind of quantum superposition?  Most likely, but I am not a quantum physicist…

This week the questions were provided by Brett Wood, lsig, Maj McArmypants, and some other guy.

1.  Can we thank the Egyptians as the grandmasters of real world blocks?

I think we can easily consider the Egyptians the grandmasters of blocks.

2.  Did you have blocks as a kid?

Yep.  Wooden blocks that were red, orange, green, yellow, and blue.

3.  And if so how did they compare to other toys in your childhood?

They were always used as the underpinnings of battles for my action figures.  I would make bases out of the blocks and then have my dudes “storm the Bastille” so to say.

4.  Would you consider Lego’s blocks or some weird hybrid?

I would consider them blocks… painful, painful blocks that I am plagued with stepping on in the middle of the night.

5.  Lincoln Logs better or worse than blocks?

Worse… I am not sure if this is even a question.

6.  Are Legos blocks?

This is a popular question, I consider them blocks… painful painful blocks that I am plagued with stepping on in the middle of the night, but they are “technically” bricks.

7.  Do you participate in the venerable tradition known as the block party?

Our new neighborhood is crazy tight.  It seems that there are constantly neighborhood “get-togethers” going on, and it seems like the neighbors all truly get along very well.  There is typically a standing neighborhood “Book Club” meeting going on every week either on Friday or Saturday nights whee ary a book is spoken about.

8. Has anyone, ever, used the insult “blockhead” who was not created by Charles Schultz?

Nope, nobody.

9.  Which type of block is more critical to a team’s success- blocking in football or in basketball?


10.  Did Eastern bloc nations refer to themselves that way? It seems awkward.

Nope, I think they referred to themselves as the “Warsaw Pact.”

11.  So have you seen “The Other Dream Team”?  Is that awesome or WHAT!?

I have not seen that one.  It looks like it could be interesting.  Have YOU seen the 30 for 30 about Vlady Dvacs and the Yugoslavian basketball team and how it went sectarian?  That one is oddly compelling.

12.  What do you make of all these specialized pieces of LEGO now? Back in my day it was pretty much all blocks with painted faces or designs on them?  Better, worse or just different?

Just different.  There is still some creativity involved with the use of the specialized bricks when one goes “off-model.”  Little Man has created some cool stuff with the specialized pieces.  I have also stepped on many a specialized piece.  They hurt just as much as the “regular” pieces.

13.  I see that concrete block now has some new price competition from insulated concrete forms.  As a man living in a regular non-insulated concrete form do you think this is a step towards the future or …meh?

The future is in engineered building materials.

14.  How awesome were those Blublocker sunglasses?  Given velco-shoes, blublocker sunglasses or a post 1987 Members Only Jacket, which article, item or accessory is the most determinative about how cool you are?

well, I think the combination of all three with some Zubaz pants is the clarion call of coolness.

15.  How long does your Writer’s Block usually last?

Until I start writing… that amount of time can vary greatly.

16.  What is blocking you from moving forward in your life faster?

Well, I imagine it is because I still seem to be motivated primarily by fear.  If I were fearless I would be either unstoppable or dead at the foot of a mountain.

17.  What activity do you get the most creative blocks?

I would say that I get a drawing block more than anything else.  I think that is due to the the fact that I actually draw more than I write.  When I was blogging daily, I would say that I had writers block more often than drawing, but I wasn’t drawing as much.  

18.  have you blocked people on Facebook or Twitter?

I typically only block spam accounts on the twitters, and I have to say I have hidden a few people on Facebook… is blocking a thing you can do there?

19.  Alphabet blocks v assorted building blocks…. And go!

I like the assorted building blocks much more than just the cube alpha-blocks.  While it is nice to be able to spell your name it is also nice to be able to make a castle that your actions figures can storm and name said castle “the Bastille.”

20.  So when did you run into writer’s block on this post?

Question 16

To recap:

Is it still infanticide if you kill your petulant 5 year old?

I mean, she isn’t an infant anymore

She is a non-infant that will not eat her broccoli

No broccoli, no ice cream… Simple rules for a simple household

The boy is doing pretty well tonight except I am constantly finding his Lego “blocks” underfoot

They are suprisipngly painful

As I previously mentioned

Goodness it is getting late

Watching the US v Costa Rica… It is currently 0 - 0 in the final game of our Gold Cup group play

Come on you, Yanks!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone