20 Questions Tuesday: 263 - Water

Happy Tuesday to one and all!  It is the second day of the work week and therefore it is time for me to answer 20 questions.  This week the topic is “water.” So let’s see where that takes us.

This week, thanks go out to Chris Ring, Maj McArmypants, Nadolny, Ralph, and the Wife.

Here come the questions

1. Who would win in a fight, Zan from the Wonder twins or Hydro-Man?

Hydro-Man because he doesn’t need a monkey with a bucket… or maybe Zan because he has a monkey with a bucket….

2. Does Silver Surfer really surf? … I mean really?

Nope.  The Silver Surfer is quite possibly one of the oddest characters I have ever seen.  “To me, my board!”  Really?  To Me My Board?  That is a thing?

3. What creature swims the fastest?

The Sailfish

4. Who’s the King of the Seas, Namor or Aquaman?

Aquaman… Namor is… he’s something different.  His powers are all over the place, and most don’t have anything specifically to do with being in or around Atlantis.

5. John Fogerty wants to know have you ever seen rain?

Nope, but I will stop it.

6.  Why is it when I drink cold water it hurts my teeth, but when I drink cold beer it just makes me happy?

You like beer a bunch.

7.  Do you drink a lot of water?

Yes, I do.

8.  Do you prefer good ol’ water to sparkling water?

Good ol’ water is significantly better than sparkling water.

9. I saw the other day that one of the local water restrictions is that you don’t get water in your glass at the restaurant until you ask for it.  Your thoughts?

I always feel that water should come with the meal, so much so in fact, that one should not be allowed to purchase a drink until they have finished their glass of water.  Water is good for you.  Drink it!

10.  When you are swimming in deep ocean water, can you fight down the thought “shark” once it pops into your head?

I don’t swim in the deep ocean water… what do you think I do on my day off?  Slip off to Hawai’i for a dip?

11.  Have you taken time to explore the local creek with the kids?


12. Storms. Do you, wifey and the kids enjoy them?

The wife and I love them, however the kids are a bit freaked out by them.

13. Ever gone diving, snorkeling, etc.

Not for a very very long time, but yes.

14.  Why did "Waterworld" suck out loud?

The budget.  It was not any more terrible than any other Costner film, but the budget made everyone expect more from it than any of his other post apocalyptic films.

15.  If we are mostly water, does the moon cause tidal surges in us?

Who says it does not affect us?  You are getting sleeeeepy….

16.  Favorite place to see water?

Mountain Lake

17.  Water Water everywhere?

and all the boards did shrink.

18.  What is the optimal intake of water per day? - I hear the 8 glasses thing is over.

For dudes, about 3 liters per day, and chicks 2.2 liters…

19.  Talk about waterboarding…when have you wanted to use it on a co-worker or a high school friend?

I don’t think I have ever wanted or needed to use advanced stressful interrogation techniques on anyone.

20.  Hey, isn’t our hot water heater leaking?  What should we do about that?

Not completely sure about that, but our stove-top burners are not working correctly, so there is that.

And one to grow on.  How come my “water” smells so bad when I pass it after I  eat asparagus?

It is nature’s way of saying “Do Not Eat This.”

To Recap:

Just found out the cook-top we have at home is randomly turning on and off

So, that is something that needs to stop

The Wife is running the Ragnar Relay this weekend

Little Man is running the Eisenhart on Saturday

I should exercise soon

But exercise takes effort

I have homework due soon

I should probably start it tonight

Tonight would be good

Man, what the Hell is up with our cook-top

It is a shitty cook-top to begin with, and now it is randomly turning on and off

Oh, the joys of homeownership

The Wife is in Chicago right now

The Wife will be in Montreal next week

She is running from Cumberland, MA to Washington DC this weekend

(that is the Ragnar Relay)

Man, my wife is a badass

Have a great weekend everyone