20 Questions Tuesday: 264 - Sunday

for this week’s 20 Questions Tuesday I have decided to start a series of 20 Questions surrounding the days of the week.  Eventually there will, oddly enough, be seven of these and they will all be delightful.

I figured to start this week out correctly, I should go with Sunday, so this week, here come 20 Questions on the topic if Sunday.  Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, Newbold, Lsig, Chris Ring, and Maj McArmypants.

Onto the questions!

1.       If you had line-item power, what Blue Laws would you reenact/create to limit Sunday activities?

I would try to do some kind of law that made it illegal to wake me up prior to 8:30 AM.

2.       If you have breakfast before church on Sunday, and you’re invited to brunch after church, are you obligated to call it lunch?

I believe it is called Chlunch.

3.       Back when I was a kid, Sundays were great because they were one more day before we had to go back to school. Now Sundays aren’t so great because it’s only one more day before we have to go back to work. Is the shift in perception a sign of age?

You are weird.  I despised school so there was not much difference between Sundays as a child and Sundays as an adult.

4.       What colour is Sunday in your box of Crayolas?

Steel Gray

5.       Would attendance improve if it were called Sundae School?


6.  Do you have any Sunday rituals- big breakfast, watch football, plan the week, church, etc?

I complain a bunch on Sundays, so much so, that I imagine it is part of a ritual.  We try to get a big grocery run done on Sundays, but we miss that so much that we cannot really consider it a “ritual.”

7.  How much does Sunday suck?

Eh, somewhat.

8.  What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done on a Sunday?

I have not really thought about my bad actions as far as what day of the week they occurred.  

9.  Sunday: first day of the week, or end of the weekend?

End of the weekend.

10.  Does your family do a traditional “Sunday dinner” or some variation thereof?

We did do that for a long time, but the extra-curiculars are tending to get in the way currently.  

11. At what point on Sunday do you start dreading Monday?


12.  Is every day like Sunday or is that only if you’re Morrissey?

Only if you are Morrissey.

13.  Which is better a Sunday or a Sundae?

Sundae, by a landslide.

14.  Favorite Sunday activity?

I love it when I can sleep late.

15.  Least favorite Sunday chore?

Grocery shopping.

16.  Show of hands, how many people stay up late on Sunday just to extend the weekend? … like we have some control over it.

I think that is why I stay up late every…

17.  As a wee child were you pro dressing up for church, anti dressing up for church or vehemently anti dressing up for church?

We dressed up for church… at the moment I am vehemently anti dressing up for church… mainly because I am not too churchified at the moment.

18.  Favorite Sundae topping?

Caramel…. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

19.  Day of worship or day dreading Monday?

Day of the dread.

20.  Favorite Sunday ritual?

Sacrificing chickens.

To recap:

The wife is in Montreal currently

If I had to hazard a guess she is currently consuming poutine

How could she not be

I mean, come on… French fries, gravy and cheese curds?

What is not to love

I almost forgot that today was a Tuesday

Almost forgot to finish this post

I Should go to bed soon

But I am dreading tomorrow

My group at work is moving our office “back to the mothership” this week

Our protection due to not being seen goes away on Friday


Have a great weekend everyone