20 Question Tuesday (on a Monday): 301 - Halloween (belated)

Well, it looks like this should have posted on Tuesday of last week… Happy Halloween all… another post will happen tomorrow.

Anyway… Halloween was on Friday and the kids have gotten gobs of candy.  Gobs and gobs of candy… The little one is fueled by chocolate at the moment.  Chocolate and creamy nougat.

Thanks last week go to: Mike, pfmDesigner, Nadolny, Maj. McArmypants, and DrJHP

Onto the questions:

1.  Halloween themed adult parties. Good or bad?
In general, they are bad, but adults do need an outlet to have parties.

2.  Favourite treat to steal from your kids (or anyone's kids, for that matter) -- which candy just doesn't seem to get given out at your door and you're "unfortunately" left with extra that you'll have to eat?
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

3.  At what point (date) do you just stop giving the leftover candy to your kids? Or do you let them eat it ALL, like an awful, awful parent.
We take all the candy away from the kids 2 days later and tell them they lost their chance to eat the sweets.

4.  What non-commercial costume have you seen that made you absolutely double-over in laughter?
It is difficult to get me to double over with laughter due to costuming.  I can not recall any.

5.  When confronted with the “Honor System” bowl of candy, how honorable were you?
Very honorable.  Wrongfully honorable... so many Spree could have been mine!

6.  What would be your dream costume for yourself as an adult?
Something worthy of the 501st… prolly a Biker Scout… in some ways I envy Mr Troyan of a previous 20 Questions.

7.  With whom would you most like to go Trick-Or-Treating?
My kids… and Keith Richards.

8.  What is the correct term for a group of clowns?
A “horror of clowns”

9.  Seen the new Halloween peeps? Brilliant marketing or just sad?
I have not seen them, but peeps are an abomination, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or else
10.  What was the best candy you got as a kid? Full sized candy bars? (mine were full sized bars)
Full sized candy bars for the win.

11.  Worst candy thing as a kid? Mine was some stale chocolates from a 10 month old valentine heart candy box (I could see it through the old lady’s window).
Some weird peanut butter candy crap that came in black in red wax paper.  Ugh, they were horrible.

12.  Hot apple cider on Halloween?
Hot apple cider.... mmmm mulled cider

13.  Thoughts on the kids carving pumpkins? Designs this year?
My kids are almost useless when it comes to doing things.  I swear it is like watching the before examples in infomercials.  Both kids lost their shit while trying to draw their jack-o-lantern’s faces… utterly useless.  I am not sure we are preparing the kids for real life.

14.  What’s with the pumpkin flavoured everything this year? (asked in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice).
Because autumn is the time of pumpkin.  Pumpkin is autumn.  Autumn Pumpkin.  Who made Autumn the time of pumpkin?  I wanna know.  How does allspice feel about this? (answered in my best incredulous Jerry Seinfeld voice)

15.  When will you start taking the kids to Haunted Houses?
Probably never.  I do not like the Haunted Houses

16.  In terms of "costumery", some people really go all out.  Do you think there is an effort level or age level (or both) where it just gets weird?
No, I don’t think so because many people want to dress up every day of the year, but keep them selves dress-up sequestered until the Halloween season.  They should look into conventions and the term “Cosplay’ and rock that shit.  It ain't for me to judge.
17.  Remember when almost all of the store-bought costumes were flammable plastic?  (and I mean "flammable" flammable, not some "well technically everything will burn in the presence of oxygen at the appropriate temperature" argument, but like "tree tinsel on a birthday candle" flammable.)  Hard to believe that was actually in your lifetime isn't it? 
The 70’s and 80’s were clearly fueled by cocaine… mass produced instantly flammable or easily meltable products… <<sniff

18.  What was the lamest costume you ever wore?
An actual carved pumpkin on my head… lay off, grandpa had just died and we were stuff in Mom’s hometown without any of our Halloween supplies.  We did what we had to do…  Would love to know if there are pictures of that horrible horrible time of my life

19.  Do teenagers nowadays egg houses with organic or free range?
Not mutually exclusive categories.  The good ones use both.

20.  What is going on? It seems like the stores bypassed Halloween and Thanksgiving and went right to Christmas already!
Christmas makes money… what can they say?

To recap:
Criminy, I really need to clean my office
I will do that tonight
It will take multiple trash bags for recycling purposes
Co-worker just let me know there's another job in their future
Good for that co-worker
This office hasn't been the same since we moved to the big building up the hill
Hasn't been the same at all
The move directly contributed
I have been drinking more water lately
In lieu of exercising
Neither is working for me
Now I am wheezing and tired from getting up to pee all the time
Research project is doing well
Will be done in a few weeks
That is nice
Then 2 more classes until done

A 20 Question Interview will post tomorrow