I have absolutely nothing to write about today

Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero.

I could write more about election woes, but it would not help the outcomes any. I could write about how work gets in the way of my sleeping time. I could write about how my baby is going to be a shitty-shitty-damn-damn baby because I curse so much at home. Instead of those things I am choosing to write about nothing.

None of my election woes can be changed now without another election, so my complaining will not be able to sway anyone's ideas, or change the outcome in and way, shape, or form. I must learn how to live within the system that was voted for on election day. I am sure that there will be change, come the next election. Well, here's hoping anyway...

No one wants to hear about how work impedes sleep. We all know that work gets in the way of doing fun stuff. If work were fun it wouldn't be called work. Every weekday morning I have to pull my sorry ass out of bed to make myself get to work, and I have a job that I like. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I actually did not enjoy what I do. I guess the difficulty of getting out of bed would become even more difficult. Stupid work with its requirement of being there and accomplishing things. At least I have meetings today and tomorrow, so I do not have to work as hard.

Other then my wife and I, no one cares that our little one will be cursing a blue streak. Most find it absolutely hilarious when a 2 year old drops the f-bomb. Everyone laughs and smiles at the mortified parents. The only thing that I want to make sure about though, is that my child knows how to curse properly. There is nothing worse than a poorly cursing shitty-shitty-damn-damn baby. That only shows that the parents are not willing to teach their children properly, and if I teach my little one anything, it will be when it is appropriate to say in clearly annunciated English "fucking" versus the more colloquial "fuckin'."

I am choosing to write about nothing. The wonderful thing about nothing is that you can say all you want to about it and be perfectly safe. Who can contradict nothing? No one, that's who. I will state that absolutely nothing is perfect. Nothing is the best subject matter ever, so that is what I shall write about today. Yup, nothing. I wish I had something, but I do not. Oh well, nothing it is.