Something Witty This Way Comes

At least I wish that something witty would come this way. It would pick up my day greatly, seeing how not interesting my day has been so far. This morning was one long meeting. Much got accomplished at the meeting, but that did not make it any less boring. "Boring, yet productive" that's what I want my work legacy to be remembered as. Maybe I could strive for "inneffective, yet enjoyable" or "useless, yet time-consuming" (no wait, I think I have that one already).

this just in....

One of my co-workers just mentioned that the $50 tickets to the up-coming Steelers/Eagles game on Sunday in Pittsburgh are going for $1200 to $1500, and the crappy-assed $30 upper-nosebleed tickets are going for upwards of $200. My God people! watch the damn thing on TV, on your new $1500 dollar tv.

I really do not undertsand the fervor with which some people follow certain sporting events. I do not get it, and I never will.