"There is no spoon" or "You can eat that!?! with youre fingers?"

The little one is quite happy to eat anything with his little perfect fingers. Yes, applesauce is finger food. He enjoys playing with eating utensils, but not so intent on using them for their manufactured purpose. A large wooden spoon is perfect for carrying around, poking things, stirring up legos, etc... Over the weekend though, he did manage to shove some food into his mouth with a fork. He seemed to enjoy that greatly. So maybe his hands only eating method is on the way out. Then again he really enjoyed smashing his face into a bowl to eat a strawberry slice, so maybe the finger food issue is not over yet.

I understand the drive to eat with your hands, I did the major protion of my growin' up in Alabama. Most everything is finger food there as well. Then again most everything there is deep fried as well. We all know that deep fried = eat with fingers.

"Hey, you want you some of them thar green beans?"
"I don't know, is they cruchy-like?"
"Shoot-chya, I fried them up real good."
"Then pile them on this here plate so's I can eat 'em"
"Wanna fork?"
"Chet, I done told you I don't like you that way."
"Nawh, Stubby, Do ya wanna eatin' fork?"
"Oh, nawh, theys don't need no stabbin'."

Then again, maybe using utensils is a good idea....