What is all this neo-blue-collarism about?

I do not understand the Discovery Channel anymore. Monster Garage, Monster house, American Chopper, Southern Chopper, American Hot-Rod, Great American Biker Build-off, Big, etc.... I know I forgot something in there, but those are the only ones from their line-up that I can remember.

All of their programming seems to be centered around building stuff now. I can understand a night devoted to hands on work, or maybe 2 nights, but every night there is some annoying show devoted to 'suping' up something mechanical. Every night? Come on. What happened to the days of "Wild Discovery," or stuff on ancient civilizations? How hard would it be to add that kind of programming back into the mix. Or remember when they focused on technology? The Discovery Channel focusing on "Discoveries?" Impossible.

As it is I have to wade through the testosterone filled programs where one watches gear-heads argue about how to best fabricate a new exhaust system. I am not saying that the Discovery Channel is not a proper out-let for this type of viewing material, but I am saying that there is a more varied line up that could be achieved.

I know, I know, Discovery Channel now has The Science Channel and the NY Times/ Discovery Civilization Channel, but not everyone who is interested in shows on human evolution/the Great Depression/archeology/physics/etc... can get digital cable.

And the Learning Channel, or TLC. When the heck did they decide that they wanted to be BBCA. Throw in an episode of Fawlty Towers or Python occassionally, and they would be the exact damn channel, just without any British accents.

And don't get me started on the History Channel.