Election day

I am soooo happy that the end of the political commercials is upon us. I am so tired of hearing how Kerry eats babies and how bush bathes in the blood of innocent children. Will somebody please think about the children?!?!

I hope that this is a presidential election that is decided by more than 5%, otherwise it is going to be contested until December. I also hope that this time the popular vote is congruent with the electoral vote, just so that the results are in-disputable. I also have a hope of who will win, but that is neither here nor there. I just want the damn thing done. I voted this morning, it took an hour and a half, and we got to the polling place only 15 minutes after it openned. Stupid election.

The little one had his 15 month check-up today. It went very well except for the fact that he got 3 shots. He seems to hate those, oddly enough. He is doing well even though he has an inordinate amount of food allergies (please, please, please grow out of most of them).

Luckily he never went to a Kerry rally, I hear he eats babies.