Company Christmas parties just aren't what they used to be

Remember tales of people getting drunk at parties and telling off bosses, or the employee hook-ups that used to supposedly happen during the company holiday festivities? Well, none of that crap can happen anymore.

Today's company holiday activities are much more sedate affairs. There is no longer a company-wide holiday party where the bosses pay for everyone to get drunk and enjoy some merriment. No longer do people have to endure the office drunk/s blubbering on about how much they love everyone. I imagine that there were some lawsuits over bosses letting employees leave blitzed out of their minds and subsequently wrappingt themselves around a tree. Currently, we have in house Christmas extravaganzas.

This year it is on site and catered. A nice enough hoot-nanny to be sure, yet still less chance of seeing some good company soap operas develop. I would love to watch some folk just curse their bosses out. Some of the bosses definitely deserve it. The event happens over lunch now, because the big bosses think work will get done afterwards. They are horribly wrong, but they can think whatever they want. Hardly any work will be accomplished this week at all, or next as well. There won't be any drama to witness, so all we have to look forward to is good food, good conversation, and some fun white elephant gift stuff.

I guess that is enough of a celebration, but true celebrating involves watching some else make an ass out of themselves. One can only hope for some kind of soap opera work related incident now.