How is Garfield still in the news papers

Okay, I get it now, Garfield is a fat cat. That is truly hilarious. No really.
I understand why the cat was popular when Jim Davis first started the strip in the early 1800's, but come on, that cat has not done anything new since 1865 when he ate a pan of lazagna that Abe Lincoln didn't eat for some odd reason.

Jon: "Garfield!?! Did you just eat the President's Lazagna?"
Garfield: "When Abe didn't come home from the play, I decided I shouldn't let it go to waste."

Oh, that sarcastic Garfield.

The cat is lazy, and like to eat lazagna
The dog is stupid and likes to drool
The owner is a loser.

This one time in 1945, right after D-Day, Garfield did something mean to Odie (the dog) because it was alagory dealing with fascism and free will, or Odie was on the edge of a table and Garfield is mean. One or the other. I really couldn't tell.

With how edgy and sarcastic daily comics are today (for example Dilbert, Get Fuzzy, etc...) my question to you, the reading public, is how are syndictaded strips like Garfield and Cathy still being published?