Ah, the New Year's tradition that everyone dreads. The list of things that we know we need to do, and yet know we will most likely not do. Every year people list off things that they will most likely fail at by February 1st6, but maybe that is just the pessimist in me. Ooh, Resolution 1: I will be less pessimistic.

I am sure that one will last a good long time. Shit, that was both sarcastic and pessimistic. Resolution 2: I will be less sarcastic. Riiiiight, my motto is if there is a choice between funny and nice, it really isn't even a choice. Resolution 3: I will not curse as much. I really do not want to have a shitty shitty damn damn baby. His next word should not be "sonovabitch."

Yesterday I jumped the gun (Resolution 4: I will be more patient.), and came up with 2 real resolutions and 1 more likely resolution. So without further ado, I will add those 3 to the list as well. Resolution 5: I will set aside time to pursue more artistic endeavors. Resolution 6: I will clean the bathroom more often. Resolution 7: Ooh, look something shiny.

So of these 7 resolutions, it appears that maybe Resolution 6 and Resolution 7 will be able to be accomplished.

Ooh, look! Something shiny!