Lack of a creative center

I have come to the conclusion that I do not have a creative center in my life at the moment. I have no way of expressing any sort of creativity except for this blog. The blog does not completely count since I am not the best verbalizer I have ever met. I am much better with pencils or pen and ink, not so good with paints, and atrocious with 3-d stuff. I need to get back into drawing and sketching. It was always such a nice way of expressing myself whilst growing up. In college I did do a stint as an art major, and that really turned me off to the craft. Exactly the opposite of what I had expected the results of professional tutelage to be. It was an odd sensation to express myself in a classroom setting and then to subsequently be rated on my ability to convey an emotion. I vividly remember drawing the craptastic still life that the instructor had set out in at a pretty good level of detail. I was making sure that the lighting in my drawing was correct and that the shapes seemed to be around the same proportions that they were in real life, etc... Then this joker who was in my drawing group was sad, and ignored everything in the still life. He basically filled an entire page with black charcoal except for this one triangular shape of white. "Brilliant! Do you see the despair in this drawing? This is the way to capture emotion in charcoal..." etc... etc... imagine an art professor blathering on about ethos and tonal value while basically boiling his comments down to "I like lots of charcoal on paper, realism hurts." That was when I figured out that my style was not the same style as the art department at that particular higher education institution. Soon afterwards, I changed majors and finished college as soon as I could.

Now, it has been over 8 years since I have had the pleasure of doing any sort of creative drawing with any consistency, and I am hurting in my soul due to this. I need to get back into the habit of doodling, drawing, sketching, inking, whatever. This work stuff just ain't hacking it. So I guess in anticipation of tomorrow's post, I resolve to start actively trying to set aside time to draw. I am fairly positive that resolution will be trumped very quickly by the "I resolve to clean the bathroom regularly again" resolution, or the "Ooh, look something shiny" resolution.