For some this is a holiday, for others, like myself, it is a Monday. I so do not want to be at work today, but work does pay the bills, and bills need to be paid. This day means so little to most people. It is a day to not go to work, to school, to where ever.

Funny enough, in the not so funny "hmmm" sort of way, MLK Jr's birthday oddly occurs on the same day as Robert E. Lee. I know in Alabama there was a constant "joke," if it can be called that, surrounding the idea that in actuality MLK Day was an excuse to celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday. But we all know how big of a cultural behemoth and intellectual giant everyone considers Alabama. They may, and I stress may, be thought of more highly than Mississippi, but that is about it.

Oooh, I probably made Alabamians mad again. Oh well. Luckily most Alabamians are afraid of leaving the state, so I do not have to worry about any sort of retaliation. That, and they would need to be Internet capable to see this blight on their state's good name. Making fun of Alabama in a web-blog, is about as dangerous as making fun of the Amish. They are never going to know that they were made fun of. That being said... trust me, you can make fun of the Amish, just be careful about those Mennonite sons of bitches. They are some nasty mf's. They feel just fine throwing down their "vengeance from God" arbitrarily and capriciously. And if one were to give them reason, let's just say it would not be pretty.

Oh well, my company is not paying me to be here to whine about being here, they are paying me to act like I am working on a project. So, off I go to act like I am working.