Splitting headache

Have you ever had one of those headaches that feel like tiny elves are trying to break out of your skull using dull and inappropriate digging equipment? Well, that is the headache that I am dealing with at the moment. Having the Elvin headache has really bit into my ability to effectively work at my job. Stupid tiny elves and their tiny inane digging implements.

Speaking of mythical creatures, the 7 dwarves in particular, how much better would life be if we all had names that derived from our actions a la Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, etc... I could see job interviews being much quicker, as Bossy weeds through resumes from Lazy, Slothful, Greedy, Over-Rated, and Inappropriate. I am sure he would focus instead on Industrious, Innovative, Effective, and Kiss-Up. With this naming convention, I am fairly sure that Asshat would not have gotten very far. All in all I think I would get tired of being known as Caustic though, so maybe it is not a good idea, but being known as Caustic would be better than Farty.

So today's post seemed to derail before it even got started. Well, that is the way of nasty headaches caused by excavating elves.

As an up-date, the little one is doing much better today, as well as doing pretty well yesterday. Now all he has to do is gain back some of the weight that he lost during the illness that most people called December.

On another note, so far the Mennonite Consortium has not put a hit out on me yet, and I stress the word "yet." I am sure that soon enough I will have some chin bearded assassin tailing me home from work. Well, let me just say that I am on to you Hezekiah, so you and Jebediah need to just back off. I am sure that the Mennonites are unhappy about my outing them as the bad boys of outside the main stream Christian sects. Lets just say that the Quakers are quaking for good reason. I think I might have said too much now.