I thought of a topic yesterday afternoon

I thought of a topic yesterday afternoon, and then promptly forgot it. It was a killer topic too. The kind which makes all bloggers salivate at its sheer awesomeness. It was a topic that I am sure would be captured in one of those 5 minute CNN Headline News human interest pieces that they do at the end of their 30 minute loops. I would have been on Late Night with Conan O'Brian chatting about how I came up with such an incredibly poigniant and witty post. The post would have gotten me recognized in Google's most viewed websites list for today. It would have crushed Blogger.com's bandwidth, reducing their servers to smoldering ash piles of network equipment. Researchers would have been enlightened to the cure cancer due to this topic. Israelis and Palestinians would eat dinner together (all of them at one gigantic table that ran from Turkey to somewhere in the Nile basin). Our military presence would no longer be necessary in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc... because World Peace would ensue whence world leaders were given copies of my post to read during their daily briefings. Dog and cats would sit down and play poker. It would have been translated into at least 137 different languages (including Elvish and Klingon, because geeks would hail me as their hero). The planets would have aligned. A harmonic convergence of heavenly forces would have ushered forth from the firmament to push humanity forward evolutionarily. We, as a species would have transcended our mere physical forms to become part of a spiritual universe of calm and peacefulness. There would indeed be doughnuts for all. All of this due to my most magnificent post ever. Alas and alack, the topic was promptly forgotten. So, instead you got this.