Silly things I do not like

I cannot stand the word "ointment" written or spoken, but especially spoken. Something about its existence is abhorrent to me. I am fine with the concept of (and this is difficult for me to write due my loathing of it) ointment, just don't refer to it in that horrid way. Poultice, salve, cream, rub, balm, emollient, or lotion, just not "ointment." Puts shivers down my spine just typing the accursed word.

I also am averse to the word "packet." Mostly when it is spoken. I always hate going to informational seminars and conferences because they invariably give you a packet of information. It is usually in a cheap folder, so I think that is how it should be referred. "If you could look at the yellow sheet of paper located in the right pocket of your cheap folder of information." Just call it what it is. The only true packets are data packets being sent and received by computers with this thing that some call the Internet. Everything else is a bag, folder, or some such thing. "Packet" is just that kind of word for me.

I do not like eating cold lunches. Cold cut sandwiches, veggie tray etc... I need my food warmed up, like it has been freshly killed cause that is the kind of badass I am. I do not have a problem eating cold stuff for lunch as long as it is accompanied by something warm. Cold cut sandwich is fine if there is some soup with it. Carrot sticks are perfectly acceptable when associated with a warm sandwich.

I do not like waking up before 9 am. I do it everyday because I am an adult and I have responsibilities that need to be attended to, but I do not like it one iota. I am always tired if I wake up prior to 9. Even if I went to bed at 7 pm the night before, I am tired when I wake up before 9. Oddly enough, I usually do not feel tired when I am fortunate enough to wake up after 9 am even when I did not go to bed until 4 am.

I do not like to get into conversation with people I do not know. At supermarkets, bank lines, stores, etc... I do not know you, don't talk to me. I will be civil (barely if you ask my wife) to the talky stranger, but rarely nice and engaging.

If I continue to outline these dislikes of mine, I am sure all of you who actually know me will start to consider me one boot on my head away from the nut-house, because nothing says crazy like wearing a boot on your head.