Great... Now I have to work on Friday!!!

I have had the absolutely wonderful fortune of being able to work 4 10 hour days instead of the typical 5 8's. I usually stay home on Friday's so I can parent my little boy. That day home with him is wonderful. I truly feel blessed to be able to spend time on my own with the little man. He is quite the wonderful ball of joy, even though he has started down the road of tantrums. FYI: 18 months to 2 years is when those start to kick in, and he is in the thick of that timeframe. It turns out he really really really wanted that dirty spoon yesterday. Anyway... this is the best way that I can think of to end my week. It really helps me realign and get my priorities straightened. Work tends to set them out a whack, and by Friday, I need them by into whack. My wife works Tuesday through Friday and I work Monday through Thursday which only leaves 3 days that the little man needs to be in child care. So.... typically Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he is in the care of a family friend who watches him for free.

This lady has been a family friend for years and years. She is a little bit older (in her 60's) and has quite an extensive collection of medical issues. The most pervasive and difficult of these medical issues centers around her Lupus. Now, I know what all of you are thinking, "Your childcare person is a werewolf?!? and you are okay with that?!?!?" The short answer is, "Yes." the long answer is, "Unfortunately, she is not a Lupine Lycanthrope, (that would be awesome, especially since she only watches him during the daytime, so no worries) she has a connective tissue disorder called Lupus.... description, description, description, memory loss, boring, boring, cognitive issues, boring, etc.... "

Anyway... due to complications brought about by her Lupus, she has had to have her right hip replaced. She got it replaced over the thanksgiving weekend in 2004. "Happy Thanksgiving! I am getting a metal hip." Yesterday was a check-up appointment for her, which she forgot to mention to us until Tuesday afternoon. Did I mention that some of the symptoms of Lupus were memory loss and cognitive difficulties? Now, I do not mind shifting the day I spend at home with the little one, but I like to have more than an evening to mentally prepare myself for the change in week structure. Anyway... due to this flub up we have decided to cut this family friend's wages in half. That will teach her.

Oh well, what can I do? So I was home yesterday watching the little one. Now I have to work on Friday.... Blecht