How do you like my new counter?

I like it fine. Every once and a while I will come to my page to inflate my count, just to make myself feel better and more popular. Is that wrong? I hope not.

So, today I am neglecting some work that has to get done for a Public Involvement meeting that is planning to be held last week.... Whaaaa?!?!? You read this correctly, I am doing a new 36"x44" poster for a public involvement meeting that has already taken place. To add to the foul taste in my mouth due to this revolting development, it is a poster that is intended to illustrate that there will be no impacts in an area. I ask you, the loyal reader, "How does one create a new graphic for a meeting that has already occurred to illustrate that nothing is happening?" I am as flabbergasted as you regarding this task. I am not exactly sure how to illustrate nothing one week ago.

On top of that, I am at work on Friday. As I mentioned yesterday, I typically work 4 10 hour days going from Monday through Thursday of every week, but due to some scheduling issues, I had to take Wednesday off and work today (and I quote...)... "Blecht."

So not only am I working on something that is intended to be shown to the public last week depicting nothing, I am doing this on the day I am usually watching my little one. Needless to say, I am not that inspired to really dig in and produce quality work at the moment. I will, mind you, but that is only because I am really persnickety about public involvement pieces.

Oh well, that is it from here

Enjoy your weekend's everyone.