Another day, other dollar.

Another day another dollar, hopefully at least. I should find out about the old raise today. That being said, there is nothing I can do about the raise. If I feel it is inadequate... too bad. It is already in effect. I get the new rate on the paycheck that I receive on Friday. So if by some strange occurrence, or not so strange occurrence, I do not find out today, the latest that I will have to wait is Friday.

Well, we are going to have to purchase a new central air unit, so there goes the tax refund. At least we will have nice and cool air this summer without having to charge up the Freon. We have been in our house for 3 summers so far, and each of the 3 summers we have had to have the Freon recharged. Well, it is time to bite the bullet and get the new unit. Luckily we loaned the government enough of an interest free loan this year, that when they paid it back we could get a new air conditioner. Side note: Initially my craptastic typing ability typed "condictioning." I imagine that would help someone speak words more properly... a condictioner, that is. Not quite sure what an air condictioner would do though. Anyway... So we are looking at central air units right now. They are much more expensive than I remember, in fact, about 1k more expensive. Oh well, gotta make the investment, it is going to get hot soon enough.

Not much else going on so I will make a list of words that should be used more often in everyday speech.

1: Whilst: just more fun than the boring "while"
2: Ergo: more archaic and intelligent sounding than "therefore" or "so"
3: Shiny: ooohh shiny!!
4: Pointy: why not?
5: Amid: short sweet and to the point, especially considering "in the middle of"
6: Bugger: more humorous than the F-Bomb, especially fun when used as a gerund or in past tense: Buggered
7: Aforementioned: A bit lawyer-ish, but fun nonetheless
8: Expound: that is a fun one.
9: Boorish: just plain meaner than obnoxious
10: Asshat: come on, that just makes good sense

Please leave a comment with either your favorite word, or a word that you wish were used more conversationally.