Pope Conservative XXVII or there is a Rat in the Papacy

Yeah, a new Pope! Oh wait, you picked one of the most conservative ones of the whole bunch.

Does it really surprise me that the Conclave picked a rather conservative Pope? Not really. The Catholic Church is consistently and historically self-destructive in its clinging to tradition. South American and Central American Catholics are leaving in droves due to the Catholic Church's stance on contraception. U.S. Catholics may not be leaving, but are significantly disenchanted due to the child sex abuse scandals. Europeans are becoming increasingly less "churchified." Especially in the U.S. and in Europe the number of men desiring to become clergy is decreasing significantly. Who should the conclave pick for a new Pope? How about someone who will hold the church's line on its more antiquated ideologies. I am sure that will increase the membership. No really. Might I suggest 2 changes to your policies? I am sure you have heard them before: Number 1: allow the clergy to marry, there is nothing doctrinal about celibate priests, it is all tradition, just let it go. Number 2: contraception is not against God's plan. Think of it as quality of life, not quantity. If those 2 changes occur, South and Central Americans come back to the fold, and your eligible base for priesthood increases drastically. That being said, I am a not a Catholic, so do what you want to.

Oh well, what can you say?

I do not have much to post about today. I need to investigate alternate exercise programs to the one I am on at the moment. That program being nothing but sinking 26 bucks monthly to a fitness club that I do not go to. Something has to give here, and sadly it is my waistline. My schedule that I have to keep for work, and my desire to actually have family time with my, umm well, family (not my best piece of writing there by any means) makes it nigh impossible to exercise at the club to which I currently belong. The place is jam packed after work where one has to wait for 20 minutes for a machine to exercise on, but I absolutely cannot get up at 5 am to get to workout before work at 7. I am really at my wits end about this whole exercise thing. I would feel so much better if I could do it, but I am unwilling to make the time to do it with my current schedule. Stupid schedule.