The floodgate has openned

Again, I am going for totally non-Joycian stream of consciousness baby! It just works better when I get interrupted constantly whilst writing to the blogopshere. So, without further ado...

Okay remember all that crap about not having work to get done, and work was dangling over my head like the Sword of Damocles? well, the sword fell, and now there is to be a mad dash of work until Tuesday of next week. It might include some weekend work, but I get paid so it's all good.

If little man were an Italian meat, he would be crappricola ham at the moment. He feels absolutely crappy. I have no idea that a human could possibly produce so much snot, but my goodness golly goshness, that is an amazing amount of ejected mucus membrane. His nose is constantly running, and when he sneezes, good lord almighty!!!! I swear you could catch the stuff in a bucket. We are waiting for the next sword of Damocles to drop (I think the horse hair is fraying). This time it is the Asthmatic Sword of Damocles. It is a +2 Sword of Wheezing for you D&D types out there.

Anyway... It turns out is hipal hemorrhaging for the caregiver. She called yesterday and explained that the Dr.'s thought she would be out of the Hospital by the weekend and available next week to watch the yougun, but this is starting to occur too frequently for our comfort level. She feels awful about us having to rearrange our schedules due to her frailties, and we feel horrid for having to do that, but it is not really the stable childcare arrangement that we were hoping for. Something is going to have to change, and she ain't gonna like it, most likely.

Work is calling. So no recap for all of you guys.