Mr. Grump

Turns out the little one is bit grumpy today. Glad I am not home to suffer the wrath of the little man. He awoke angry and intent on letting anyone and everyone know about it, but that is just how he rolls it. He rolls it old school, baybay!

So I have determined that the rest of today's post will be written in a stream of consciousness vein. So, without further ado...

It is the proverbial calm before the, ummm..., proverbial storm. There are 4 major meetings looming on the horizon for myself and my intrepid staff. So far there is some work that is pending for these various meetings, but a bulk of the work will come to us during an insanely short time frame and expect us to generate an insane amount of work in that insanely short time frame. (I have got to work on my modifier words, also known as adjectives). It pays the bills, so I cannot complain too much.

One of my intrepid cartographers is flying to Jamaica as I am typing this, so there is much animosity being sent her direction her. Darn her and her Jamaica vacation. The other intrepid cartographer will be traveling to Vegas in May. My vacation was to a State Park and it snowed. Stupid vacations.

On to something completely different.... The caregiver is back in the hospital again. This time with ungodly amounts of pain in her hip that was recently replaced (November 27-ish). The medical staff up at the Cleveland Clinic are not sure, but think it is hemorrhaging in the whole hipal area. That is, how should I say, not good. Not good in the least. In fact, one might say it is bad. We here in the Columbus area of Ohio are hoping that it is merely an infection brought about by the lengthy illness that she was suffering from less than 2 weeks ago. Infection is much easier to deal with than hip hemorrhaging. We should know more about this by this afternoon, hopefully.

So the search for alternative childcare is in full swing. We have some family friends that have offered to be safety valves for us, if we need it, but they are, unfortunately no where near anywhere that the wife and I will be traveling on a daily basis. They will be good for safety valves, but we cannot look to them for any sort of permanent solution. Which sucks, heartily, because they would be great for our little guy and not insanely expensive.

The main issue that hampers our use of daycare facilities is the food allergies associated with the little guy. It is difficult on us, his parents, to keep all the ingredients straight, there is no hope for a typical day care institution. As a reminder, or to all of you who have just joined in, the little boy is allergic to dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, and potatoes. This list makes it difficult to feed the little bugger. A few days ago he got hold of a K.C. Masterpiece Bar-B-Q Baked Lays Potato Chip, and just scarfed it down (funny thing about food allergies: often one craves what one is allergic to). Turns out that K.C. Masterpiece Bar-B-Q Baked Lays Potato Chips contain dairy, egg, soy, and, of course, potato. He had a reaction that night, let me tell you...

Anyway... back to childcare for the little one. During eating times the little one would need to be quarantined from other kids to ensure that he did not partake of any forbidden foods off of the plates of his fellow day care goers. I just do not trust the daycare workers to take those kinds of precautions to take care of my child. Oh well. So we are still looking.

To review today's post: Little man is grumpy today. I am all about the stream of consciousness, and yet, not Joycian stream of consciousness. Work is a bit light right now, but it won't be for long. Jamaica is the destination of one of my cart staff. "Sasquatch" is a fun word to say. "Nessie" is not so fun. Go figure. My other cartographer will be going to Vegas soon. Snow at the state park sucked. Hipal hemorrhaging is worse than an infection. The little one is allergic to food. "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" requires a definition of the verb "to chuck." I do not trust day care workers. As a follow up to yesterday, yard gnomes are not cool due to's commercials.