Rooftop scene

You know the rooftop scene of the Matrix (the first and only good one) when Neo and Trinity are kicking butt? You know when Neo does that dodging bullets thing? Well, and the only reason I am saying this is because I do not post on the weekends, I think the little one might have dodged the asthma attack bullets in a similar milieu. Then again, he could just be dodging bullet number 2 at the moment, the 3rd on is on the way, and If I remember correctly, nicks Neo on the leg. So maybe we are not out of the woods yet.

The work thing is continuing on. It is good to be busy, and it seems that the busy is not going to get too busy. A nice level of busy. Nice level of busy is good. In fact, on the work front, people are happier here than they have been in a good long while. There seems to be a good energy flowing about the office area. i am sure it will dissipate and then coalesce into something nasty in a week or so, but at the moment the office is not a bad place to be.

So I think I may have started down a path that will leads to some creative outlets. Everything is a bit too up in the air at the moment to really nail down and make public, but eventually I will (if I can really make this a reality) make a public announcement via this web-forum. I am hoping that this endeavor will bring me out of the funk that I have been wallowing in for the past few months. Now if I could only find a way to fit in exercise.

So to review today's and yesterday's blogs: Sword of Damocles is an obscure reference. It is more obscure than I originally thought. Crappricola ham is a fun thing to say, but capricola ham is better on pizza. Childcare is expensive unless you have someone with bad hips and unexplained diarrhea to sporadically watch your kid for free. Work gets in the way of fun stuff. Any movie that has Keanu Reeves in it, must have a scene where he says in surfer-esque, "Whoa." I used the word "milieu" and I spelled it correctly on the first try. The little one is not out of the woods yet. Work was not soooo sword of Damocles-ish as I had thought. I might have found a creative outlet, but I am still not exercising.