I got news for you weathermen types of folks.... 1.25 inches of snow is a bit more than "flurries."

As late as Friday afternoon (3:45-ish) The Weather Channel was predicting "flurries" for Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Now as some of you might have guessed from Thursday's post, me and the fam were supposed to be at a cabin in a local State Park getting our hike on. Okay, renting a cabin with the fam for some mildly outdoorsey stuff is a fun time to be had by all, especially the extremely inquisitive not quite 2 year old boy who loves, and I mean absolutely frikkin loves the not indoors. And even though it was drizzling on Saturday morning we enjoyed the hike that we were able to get in. By Saturday afternoon the drizzle had turned to freezing rain/sleet/really wet snow and we couldn't really let the little one who has grown out of his winter clothes out in that mess. So we stayed in on Saturday afternoon, and made the little one explore the 4 room cabin for fun. He did really really well on Saturday afternoon. He ate a boatload of spaghetti that evening, and then he slept great that night.

Here comes Sunday morning with at least, AT LEAST!, 1.25 inches of snow on the car. Now little man's wardrobe would have been able to handle flurries, not a steady and consistent snowfall adding to the .25 inches of snow already on the ground (latent ground heat constantly melted about an inch of snow). By 9 am little man was stir crazy. He was running around like a madman, so we decided to call the vacation short and head back home. It was a good decision since it snowed all frikkin day.

In review: Here I am at work instead of hiking with the fam. There is a significant difference between flurries and actual accumulation. Kids grow out of clothes quickly. It is not easy to use the word "Stoichiometrist" accurately and effectively in a conversation. Cats do not like to be dunked in liquids. Yard gnomes are not cool.