The vacation to nowhere

Okay, so it has been, like frikkin' beautiful for 3 weeks in a row. Should be safe to go on a bit of a vacation for a long weekend, right? Wrong!!! If one lives in Central Frikkin' Ohio one must be ready at all time for the snow to come and screw up a weekend. The vacation was supposed to be something simple, something local, something short, and something out-doorsey. So, it was at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, but we have the possibility of SNOW on Sunday. What the hell, SNOW?!!?!!? I ask you again.... SNOW??!?!?!

So now the fam has a cabin rented at a local state park-ish area for a long weekend, and the highs this weekend are not supposed to go above 55. I am sure that the little one will have a great time playing at the state park in the 40 degree rainy drizzle. In actuality he will. Hell, as long as little man is outside, he is happy. We just have to make sure we take enough dry, clean clothes for the little booger. So tons of clothes and indoor toys and food (since he is allergic to soy, dairy, eggs, and potatoes). Seems like we are going to have to take a whole hella a bunch of stuff for a long weekend. Why not just pay for the cabin, and stay home. At least he could go to indoor playgrounds this way.

Oh well, enough of a rant from me. Stupid Ohio weather!!!!