Bad jobs

Other than Assistant Crack Whore, I cannot think of a job that gets less respect than a substitute teacher (well maybe a social worker). Garbage men (or sanitation engineers) get more respect, since they take care of the crap I want out of my life. Now, I am not saying that all subs are disrespected shells of human beings, but I am inferring that most are said disrespected shells of human beings . Sometimes the sub is a very respectable person who is just trying to make some extra money in their spare time and does not really mind the shenanigans that kids will pull to torment them, other times this is the only teaching position that the person can find, and still other times it is a vocation taken up by mis-guided retirees who feel it is their civic duty to impose some kind of order into the chaos that is middle school (I’m looking your way Mr. Wheeler).

My mom is a sub, excuse me, a Professional Substitute Teacher. She really doesn’t match any of the afore-mentioned subs. She is really a fourth case, and there are a few like this as well. She uses substitute teaching as a way to make a pathetic attempt at reconnecting with society. Her type of sub is usually a stay at home mom with kids who are getting older. She does not want the responsibility of a scheduled job, and/or she may lack the marketable skills to get more permanent employment. Mom is a subject for another blog, one where I am not pressed to get any work done.

Anyway… some of you in the Internet world are probably wondering why I thought about the whole substitute teacher thing. I honestly, have no reasoning to speak of, so leave me alone. Yeah, I am just phoning it in anyway.

That is about all I got today. Just a simple couple-o-paragraphs about how little respect subs get. Maybe I need a substitute blogger? Any takers? I might try again later today, but I would not count on it.