This morning, it happened

Well, this morning around 8:11 am EST, it happened. The wife and I broke the boy’s spirit for the first time that we know of. You see, as many of you know, he has been sick since this past Tuesday. The only thing that has really brought him out of the sickness is the antibiotic that we are giving him. Since the antibiotic is making him better we are surmising that the little one is getting over a sinus infection. Anyway…. He hates the antibiotic. He is usually suck a great medicine taker. We give him Zyrtec and Mylanta every night, and when he is really ill we have had to give him 4 or 5 different meds every night, and he takes them all very well.

He abhors the amoxicillin that we are giving him currently. It is the orange stuff, and does not taste absolutely horrible, although he does like the pink stuff better. Since Thursday of last week, he has been spitting out this medicine. Our preferred method of medicine delivery is through those squirty syringes, but he was having nothing to do with this medicine whatsoever. First time we gave it to him; we are pretty sure that only about 10% of it made it into the boy’s gullet. The other 90% was on his shirt, mom’s shirt and dad’s shorts. It did not go well. The second time we tried giving him the medicine resulted in similar circumstances. The 3rd time, we tried giving it to him, in his sleep. That just woke him up and made him angry, and he was still able to spit out a good 75% of the medicine. 4th time we tried disguising the stuff in some peach mango applesauce, he at one bite and now will no longer touch any orange colored food. We tried putting it in some coke, because he loves coke and we don’t want him to have much. Didn’t work at all. So on Saturday afternoon, we had to hold his little butt down, force his mouth open squirt the medicine in, and hold his nose closed until he swallowed the medicine. Well, we did it 2 more ties like that on Sunday and he fought us tooth and nail, but this morning, he just gave up.

We broke him. His will to fight the circumstances just dissipated. The look in his eyes was one of quite resignation and defeat. While, this is good for the delivery of the medicine, it is a sad day for me, and I guess my wife (we have not spoken about it, I had to leave for work immediately afterward). It would not leave such a bitter taste in my mouth if it was clear that the little man decided that the medicine was making him feel better and he should take it, or that if he didn’t fight it would not be such a long and drawn out process. We broke the little man and I am saddened by it. He just lost his will to fight. I know as a parent this will not be the last time that we have to force something on our child for his own good, but it does not make his defeat any better. He only stopped his struggling because we were bigger and stronger, and that does not feel good.

Sorry for the downer, but I am not that happy of a camper at the moment. I know that I am doing the right thing as a parent, but it don’t feel so good.