No merge

Okay, this is getting quite annoying. This is the second driver’s side view mirror that has been hit and destroyed in less than 6 months for my car. I try and park as close to the curb as possible, and, in fact, I was only 2 inches away from the curb last night. Either you are deliberately targeting my car/s (Wifey’s driver’s side mirror was hit about 4 weeks ago) or you should not be driving on my street…. ever.

For some reason, I think it has something to do with it being my car. This is not my usual paranoia rearing its ugly head, this thought is due to the fact that nobody else’s cars on the street continue to get their side view mirrors damaged. Just Wifey and me. Now, I know some of you out in the blogosphere think that it may be that I drive a Ford f-350 extended super cabolicious truck and that the side view mirrors actually stick out like a startled elephants, but you would be wrong. I merely drive a VW Jetta with little tiny itty bitty side view mirrors.

Honestly, I am at a loss as what to do next. Last time this happened, it cost over $200 for the repair. I cannot add $200 every 4 months to my budget, so I guess I will have to get this fixed and then stay up each and every night from dusk until dawn for 6 months straight ready to beat the crap out of anyone with a baseball bat at the drop of a hat, or the smash of a mirror. Then they will think twice about damaging my personal property. Did I mention that I would not be showering for those 6 months, and most likely not brushing my teeth, nor combing my hair. I figured that I could be known as the insane guy of the street. Well, if I am not already…

Basically, that is what is on my mind today. I am ticked off that I have to get the sideview repaired yet again.

To recap:
I now merge by praying
I am not good at praying
Therefore, I will not be good at merging
I got a boost in site traffic due to the repeated use of the word “whores”
I am not too sure if all the traffic was desirable
Hopefully we will be moving and this will not be an issue much longer.