20 Questions Redux`

Again, I have lost all ability to come up with topics of my own, so I have enlisted the help of some people that I know tread this here bloggerooney, and asked them each for 5 questions. So without further ado…

1: Would Jerry Springer represent Ohio well as a politician?

The last Presidential Election in Ohio already seems to have a Jerry-esque feeling to it due to the political fighting that this state endures during the whole silly season of elections, so I honestly think that Jerry Springer would fit Ohio well.

So yes, I think he would “represent” Ohio well as a politician. Do I think he would be good for the state? That is a different question, and that answer is a resounding, “No.”

2: Would you rather spend 2 days in a tent in: a) New Orleans wearing a 'I hate black people shirt' and a KKK hood or b) downtown Bagdad?

I am going to go with “a)” on this one primarily since the city is nearly completely evacuated at the moment, and only about 40% of it is still under water. I am fairly sure I could evade most of the people who are left in N.O. but Bagdad, I would be a sitting duck.

3: Are you more a) space cowboy b) gangsta of love c) Maurice and why?

I am going with Space Cowboy, because I am an Interstellar Maverick, baby!

4: Who would you rather bang? She-ra, Josie (from the pussycats), a human size Smurfette, or Leela (Futurama)?

She-ra! For the Honor of Greyskull!

5: You live in middle of country. Do you feel more affiliation to the east coast rappers or the west coast rappers? (Biggie or Tupac)

I think I would have to go with Tupac, mainly cause you can hear how obese Biggie was just in his voice. Although… I do love it when they call me “Big Papa.”

6: Why do I see people speeding through neighborhoods crowded with kids, while their own child of similar age sits in the back?

People are stupid, I believe I have covered this before.

7: Why doesn’t anybody give the wave anymore?

There are still a few hold-outs who give “the wave.”

8: Mark Twain once pondered, if the world was run by intelligent people who are just putting us on or if it was run by dumb people who really mean it, discuss.

Mark Twain had a bunch of time on his hands.

9: Nature vs. Nurture?

Nature by 10, it will be a close game until late in the 4th. An onsides kick leads to a touchdown. Then a fumble recovery on the Nature’s 23rd yard line leads to a field goal from Nuture’s 35

10: Why do most movies suck?

Really, I think this has to do with the sheer amount of movies that are being made today. Back when there were only 3 major studios, fewer movies were made. Since fewer movies were made it made it seem like there was less absolute crap being shown on the screen. I am not sure if the proportion of crap to non-crap is any different. But the vast quantities of movies these days seem to be crap.

11: Is there always dysfunction when more than one person gets together? I mean, it seems to me that there is. More than one person in a group cannot get along or act civilized for a very long amount of time.

Dysfunction comes in sets of 3. Don’t ask me why, it just is that way.

12: Do all human beings move to self-actualization and growth? Do ANY human beings move toward them?

I am sure that some humans move to self-actualization and growth, but while they are self-actualizing, the rest of us are taking over the place

13: Whatever happened to phone etiquette? I have talked to several service professionals this week, and every one of them has been Rudey McGruff at every turn.

I think this boils down to email. Etiquette has taken a back seat ever since instant/near instant communication has become the norm. Messages have become more and more terse. The messages are not necessarily meant to be negative, but their mere brevity makes them seem ruder than they were intended. This phenomenon has migrated over to the phone as well. We, as a culture, are forgetting how to communicate effectively.

14: Which of your friends has the most miserable life right now? Did they bring it upon themselves?

Right now? I would have to go with B-Dawg. He just went on a Sceince Field trip at the age of 31. In general, I would go with G-Money. He don’t cotton well to takin’ orders, and he is in the US Army.

15: Do people who have homicidal phobias of “river horses” ever get over their affliction and learn to love themselves?

I believe you mean “water horse” and my obsession with their extermination, I will love myself more when they arte no longer an affliction blighting my world. As it is, I like myself pretty well anyway.

16: Why don't you want to write about “Angry Kitty?”

Actually, I would like nothing more than to write about “Angry Kitty,” but, alas and alack, I have not found a way to strip the .gif image from the email I have received and embed the image in my blog, so that talking about it makes any sense. I currently have a crack team of experts trying to lift that particular ".gif" image from an email so that I can put it up for all to see.

17: Is “Angry Kitty” the best thing EVER?

I am not too sure about the “best thing EVER,” but Angry Kitty do make me giggle every time I look at it. Every time

18: Is General Tso's the greatest Chinese restaurant ever...on Bethel Rd.?

Easily. I used to be a Panda Inn guy, but their health code violations seemed to ruin them for me.

19: Can you believe that “Toy Story” has been out for 10 years!?!?!

Good Lord, I am old

20: In World of Warcraft are paladins or warriors better?

In my opinion, Warriors are better mainly due to their agro management. The Paladin has many “get out of jail free” cards that allows that class to stay alive nearly indefinitely, but as a hybrid class, it does not heal adequately enough to keep other party members alive and does not create enough threat to actually be able to tank. Keeping that in mind, as a solo class the paladin can do wonders, but since most of the later game content is so group dependant, I think the warrior is the way to go. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule.

Tomorrow I will be back with some real blogging.