Pickle Jar-Head

So the weekend was pretty busy, So I will deal with the weekend in a chronological manner. Inside Joke: "Is there something wrong with your chronological time clock?!?!"

Columbus, Ohio Friday September 9, 2005

It was a Papa/Little Man day. I was able to have the whole friggin day with my boy. It has been too long a time since I was able to have a full Papa/Little Man day. He grazed all day long. I swear he ate everything in the house and then some. For an afternoon snack we had chips and salsa. FYI: “salsa” is one of my intrepid cartographers’ favorite words in the English language. Little Man was a bit impatient about me getting the salsa out of the fridge and decided that he would “assist” me. If by “assist” I mean wriggle his way in-between me and the fridge and push things on the top shelf of the fridge until the pickle jar came tumbling down. The pickle jar smacked him up-side the head pretty hard, and now he has a nice bruise on his forehead. It seems every time I have a Papa/Little Man day he does not finish the day unscathed. Now we have nicknamed him “Pickle Jar-Head.” …kinda like a marine, but more briney.

Wifey went out with her lady friends for the evening, and I had to do the evening ritual with Little Man solo. No big shakes there, but Little Man fights sleep like a cornered badger in heat when one of the parental units is not present. So the ending of the evening ritual, the “getting Little Man to sleep,” took much longer than usual.

Columbus, Ohio Saturday September 10, 2005

We went hiking with Little Man to a local metro park. Little Man enjoys the Kelty carrier that we purchased so… all in all it was a good morning. That evening Wifey and I went out with another couple to a local theatre/cabaret for some food and some entertainment. It was a wonderful date. The company was great, the food was okay, and the entertainment was great. All in all it was a good time. Better yet, Little Man was asleep when we got home.

OSU lost their first football game of the year. Honestly, it was a good thing that it happened early. Hopefully, we will not have to endure the annual OSU should be Number 1 crap that we go through every year.

On a side note, we live relatively close to OSU and Ohio Stadium, or “the Horseshoe/Shoe” as it is known. The vast quantity of trash left by supposed Ohio State Football fans was staggering and appalling. True fans would endeavor to keep the grounds surrounding their team’s facilities clean. True fans would try to make the campus of OSU look better. Sadly, the bulk of the bulky OSU fans seem to be beer swilling booze hounds whose soul purpose is to critique the team’s failures and drink themselves to oblivion. Throw away yer damn trash you drunken bastards!

Columbus, Ohio Sunday September 11, 2005

4 years since the WTC and Pentagon plane attacks and so far the War on Terror seems to be about insurgency in Iraq. Wifey and I took Little Man hiking again, but on a different trail at the same metropark just north of town. Yesterday afternoon, Little Man, Wifey’s Mom (Mimma), Grandpa Ron and Grandma Donna (the weekday caregivers) took Little Man to see some “garden trains.” Wifey and I went to a bookstore and bought some groceries. We lead exciting lives we do.

That evening the meal was cabbage and noodles. I do not quite understand the whole cabbage and noodles thing, but there is a decided lack of Slavicness (or is it Slovicity?) to my heritage.

On another side note, as a cap to the entire weekend Little Man has a thing for capes. I honestly have no friggin clue as to where or how Little Man got the whole idea of putting a cape on, but he has. About 4 months ago, he decided that he did not like how his bib was on during dinner one night, and decided to turn it around. It was like a half cape, very much like Captain Marvel of the “Shazam” fame. Anyway… on Friday night he was wearing a clean towel from the laundry basket as a full length cape. It was a white towel with green, red, and blue stripes. He really has not been exposed to cape wearing super-heroes, so I am not really sure where he got the idea.

To recap:

Hoo-Rah! Pickle Jar-Head!
Hiking is nice… it felt good to do something active again
2Cos is a bunch of fun.
OSU 22 Texas 24
Drunken messy bastards root for OSU
Little Man got a nice Elmo toothbrush… it is quite the hit
Wow, my life is friggin boring
G Money, you may be over taking me on the whole “I am the coolest of all my friends” thing, you just need to go on a date, and I think you may take it… (Wait, I guess I am safe after all…nevermind)
B Dawg, you lost points due to your “Science camping trip” this weekend