Ode to Joy

Okay, here we go again. This will also be a 2 parter.

Part 1: Update

Little Man’s mega fever has broken, and now he is just motoring around with a low grade fever. His appetite is back, and his breathing seems more “typical.” So in Casa del SRH things are more back-to-normal-ish. That being said, Wifey and I still have to juggle work and childcare this week. So that is a pretty big issue to deal with. Looks like we will be trading off half days with each other. It is not the way I want to use up my PTO bank, but it is better than having to take the whole week with him in the hospital.

Part 2: Joy

Here is the situation: I stopped by the local Borders Booksellers on the way home from work yesterday to get the next book in a series that Wifey and I are reading. This is typically why I would stop at Borders on the way home from work. I pretty much bee-lined it to the book I wanted and then went straight to the “cashwrap.” Ahead of me in line is a woman who seems to be in her late 20’s early 30’s. She is kind of attractive, but most definitely not what I would consider “drop dead gorgeous.” Bear with me here, I am just painting the picture. She is clearly stopping at Borders on her way home from work as well. She too must also need a book for this evening. She is in a navy blue skirted business suit, you know, very executive professional looking. She only has one book in hand, and it happens to be from the bargain racks. “So, what book is she buying?” you ask. Well, let me tell you, she was nervously holding a copy of a bargain basement version of “The Joy of Sex.”

That’s right, the discontinued bargain version of “The Joy of Sex,” the one with the no returns sticker and the red price tag. Now, I understand that “The Joy of Sex” is a nice little book, a manual, if you will, that goes into some rather detailed particulars about sexual intercourse. There is nothing wrong with that book; I have no issues with the book. The whole idea of that book is to increase the enjoyment of people’s sex lives, and, hey, I am all for that. My point is that, firstly, if one wants to increase their enjoyment of sex through the purchase of a book, one should be willing to pay retail. Secondly, if one is going to buy a copy of a book about sexual intercourse, and how to make it better, one should be more confident about it. Don’t hide it, then people think that sex is something dirty. Sex is not something dirty and foul never to be mentioned in the open air. Plus, I am sure that the pictures in the book are from 1990 and who wants to see a bunch of grunge wannabees doing it.

To recap:
Little Man doing much better
I will be in tomorrow morning, but not the afternoon
Bargain bin “The Joy of Sex” brings about only marginal improvement of one’s sex life.
How much you wanna bet that I get more hits to this site now that I have “The Joy of Sex” mentioned 5 times?