No Sleep till Brooklyn

When I get stressed out and worried the absolute first thing that takes a hit is my sleep. I find it difficult to turn my mind off. The stupid gray matter just doesn’t seem to want to disengage. It is not that my mind is fixated on the stress at hand. Usually, my mind just starts wandering into the “wonder why” thoughts and the “wonder how” thoughts. Last night I was staring into the night sky out of our bedroom window thinking about lift, drag, and flaps. Watching planes on their final approach will do that. So for an hour I watched 12 planes make the final approach with all their air braking systems deployed. The I went and played around on the computer for about 2 more hours. I am tired now, but that is basically how my stress reaction works. I get stressed, I don’t sleep, and I get really really tired.

To recap:
Me tired
Planes are neato
Little Man seems to be a bit more sick today than yesterday (ergo the stress)
I like They Might be Giants, but I abso-fucking-lutely hate the Goddamned theme song to Higgly Town Heroes. I hope They Might be Giants rot in Hell because of that song