So, I have not spoken of Asshat for a while. There is good reason. I decided about 6 months ago that I would not be posting so much about my workplace. That decision coupled with the fact that his general Asshattiness has just not been as Asshattish as it was in the events that I described to you in this post and this post. Well, I just got Asshatted again. I will not delve into the details of the Asshattery beyond expounding upon the fact that there was definite Asshattiness going on, being pepetrated by the Asshat, himself. I will leave it at that…

So at the allergist appointment this past Friday, Wifey and I found out that Little Man did not react to potato and soy on the skin prick test, and only mildly reacted to dairy and egg. Since then we have re-introduced potatoes into Little Man’s life, and he is happy for it. When I say “happy for it,“ I mean he has a large McDonald’s French Fries for lunch on Friday. That wasn’t the only thing we offered him foodwise for lunch, but that is the only thing he was interested in eating. He is 2 after all. Unfortunately, we think there still might be some level of allergic reaction associated with the soy, but we are not sure if it is the soy or the potato, or any number of other things at the moment. Basically, we are laying off the soy for a bit, but we are shoving potatoes down his throat whenever he opens his mouth. Mmmm potatoes!!!


Okay, as many of you know, I compose this thing, usually over the course of a day. That means I type a little bit, then do some work. I type some more, and then gab about with the co-workers. I type some more, and then head to the restroom… Well, I am not a frequenter of the women’s restroom, not being a woman, and all, but in the men’s room there are a few things that one must always keep in mind.

Number 1: the bathroom is the place for a myriad of nasty things to take place
Number 2: there is always someone more disgusting than you
Number 3: this person will always choose the stall next to yours
Number 4: OH, GOD! MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! MY MIND JUST SHUT DOWN DUE TO OXYGEN STARVATION (not the Oprah channel though, I think one can live wonderful healthy and complete lives without ever watching anything on that channel) SWEET MOTHER OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, THE MAN NEXT TO ME SEEMS TO BE MADE OF STINK!!!! AND HE IS CLEARLY COMING APART AT THE SEAMS!!!!
Number 5: I hope my clothes don’t smell like ass due to that sick bastard!

Other than that things are peachy. How ‘bout you guys?

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