The Gift of Fear

Little Man has discovered fear. We are not terribly sure where he picked up this particular discovery, but he most definitely has it. 2 instances yesterday showed this new emotion clearly.

These 2 instances have nothing to do with the time yesterday that he made a made dash for the street when traffic was going by, nor the time he was jumping off the half wall onto the sidewalk. So his sense of fear is not quite tuned properly just yet. Loud noises do not scare him. Fast movement doesn’t really even startle him.

The first instance that I noticed yesterday was while watching a cartoon on Noggin. The cartoon we were watching is quite possibly one of the most bland and slow moving cartoons I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Oddly enough, to go with the relatively flat plot line, the animation is pretty top notch. Anyway… Little Man was watching Little Bear. This show is the sloooooooooooooooow tale of one young anthropomorphized bear in a wooded area that cavorts around with other anthropomorphized animals and some little girl whose name I have forgotten or blocked from my memory. Anyway redux… this particular episode involved a rain storm, and whilst the rainstorm was taking place on screen, my little boy was clearly scrared. I found that a bit odd, since I had never really seen much of a fear reaction to him. The only other time that I had seen any sort of discomfort was a few stanzas into the video for the Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc" video that is so popular with the kids these days. He likes the song, he just doesn’t like the dark portion of the video where the bass player is setting up that wicked bass line… Umm… anyway… as I was saying, my little boy is now showing signs of fear about a storm on a boring kids cartoon.

The second instance occurred whilst we were on our evening promenade. Every night we like to take Little Man for a walk in hopes that it will tire his ass out and he will not fight sleep and stay up late. As a side note, Little Man fell asleep at 11 pm yesterday, so the walk did not do its express purpose. While we were on this walk we saw a friend of ours and her kids for a walk as well. One kid was on his bike, and the little one was in her stroller, and their mother was walking their new Airedale on its leash.

This is what we basically saw. Maybe not so well manicured, and maybe not so "in the country."

I am sure that this is what Little Man saw.

Needless to say, the conversation with that woman, did not go terribly well. There was much crying and trying to burrow into Papa's body.

To recap:
“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”
Which is an un-ending loop, because as we fear fear our fear of fear grows stronger and we fear it more until we are totally immobilized due to our fear of fear
It is much easier to be afraid of spiders than “fear itself,” more “real” and definitely more “squishable”
Some of the shows on Noggin are boring as sawdust
Hell Hounds are scary
Airedales seem to be Hell Hounds if my artist’s rendition is correct
Yes, that is a sabre tooth Airedale