The house is officially off the market. We are currently doing what most people do just after a person they find attractive is out of sight. Wifey, Little Man, and I have collectively dis-engaged the abdominal wall that was keeping the house near spotless. Now we are dealing with the gut that flops out when you release that held in breath attempting to look in shape. We are out of shape and it shows.

Oh, my god, the kitchen is in shambles. The mess from the kitchen is spilling over into the dining room, and the typically dining room mess seems to have shifted to the living room. So far the upstairs seems about the same, but I am sure the mess will start encroaching up the stairs while we are not paying attention. To give us some credit though, the garbage disposal in the kitchen has been blocked with something, and I have not been able to fish out the offending blockage. No, before you ask, the reset button has not helped at all. It is difficult to go from having a disposal to not having one… especially when one side of the sink does not work. What a pain in the ass.

Little Man seems to be doing “better” than last week, but I am afraid that we are not out of the woods just yet. On top of that, he has an allergist appointment this week, so we go off the Zyrtec tonight. That should make for a fun rest of the week. We are hoping to have him tested for potatoes and soy this time, and we are hoping against all hope that he has out-grown at least those 2. Soy and potato would make our lives so much easier, especially since he likes potatoes. Other than Little Man getting better over the weekend, not much happened on the home front. Unless, of course, you take into account the massive mess we made out of the downstairs.

To recap:
That whoosh you heard when you truned the corner was me exhaling and displacing a bunch of air with my fat gut, now don’t look at my kitchen
It is difficult to clean out the old old old left-overs from the fridge without a garbage disposal, and still not make the kitchen a stinking hole
Jesus H Frikkin’ Christ, Tinky Winky! If the Tubby Custard Machine didn’t work for Po, Laa Laa, or Dipsy, what, in God’s name, do you think you are going to do that will make it work for you! It ain’t like you have any “repair skilz.” No! The Goddamn machine still isn’t working. Just sing the damn song and get the custard working like you should have done when it didn’t work for Laa Laa. You Teletubbies are a bunch of big flippin morons
Glad that is out of my system