Twas the Thursday before Christmas

T’was the Thursday before Christmas, when all through the cube
No work was accomplished by this bored blogging rube.
The papers were stacked haphazardly everywhere;
His desk needing cleaning, so did his chair.

The co-workers were lazing about in their seats,
While coffee induced jitters caused them to stare.
The mouse in my right hand, and the keyboard uncluttered,
I just settled in for a blog to be uttered.

When over by the water fountain arose such a clatter
I ambled over to the filing cabinets to ask, “What’s the matter?”
Turns out a co-worker had brought us some fudge,
And all the other co-workers were in a line that wouldn’t budge.

The lighting was humming and casting its bright glow
I decided to go back to the cube hoping blog words twould flow.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a box full of doughnuts (I let out a cheer).

With a dozen to choose from, so yummy to see
I knew in a moment these were just for me.
More rapid than eagles, I tore open the box
And whistled approval and said a la voix
“A cruller! A cream-filled!
A cream horn! A spice cake!
With sprinkles! With glazing!
Jelly-filled! Yeast and yellow cake!
A full dozen doughnuts
All waiting for me
Now eat them up! Eat them up!
Eat them up all!”

Okay that’s all I got, I could go on, but I couldn’t think of how to bring in the Christmas Blogging Fairy, and the sasquatches (the Christmas Blogging Fairy’s helpers) into the poem succinctly and true to the original feel of the poem, and honestly, I did spend entirely too much time on this already. Frankly, I bored myself with it.

To recap:
I half-assed a parody poem
Yep, half-assed
Still too many things to get ready for the holiday
I need to get stocking stuffing materials for the wife
Wow, I just reread it, and it is really quite half-assed
Happy Holidays to all of you
Except for youyou know who you are