"Time to make the donuts" makes me sad now

FYI: do not start up an exercise regime, from not doing anything for 2 years, by getting on an elliptical machine and having Rage Against the Machine’s Testify come on as your starting song. Monday morning, I got on the machine and Rage fired up and so did my pace and heart rate. Talk about getting in a target zone quickly. Damn! That being said, I must explain to you that now my legs are a bit sore. Damn you! Zach de la Rocha! Audioslave doesn’t hold a candle to RATM. They are good in their own right, but they just are not as strong overall. The social activism is one of the reasons that RATM was sooo powerful.

So I’m going to town on the elliptical due to my music choice and this guy gets on the machine directly to my right. So my “Strides per Minute” are at a whopping 190-ish due to the wicked base line that Rage is throwing at me, and since I have only been on the machine for 3 minutes my breathing not yet severely labored. This guy starts looking over at me and increasing his pace to match mine. Dude, this is not a race, ‘cause we ain’t going nowhere anyway. I have been “running” for over 3 minutes and I am still in the same spot I was when I started. This guy starts really going at it like this is a competition. When Rage goes off the Nano play list and Tool’s The Grudge comes on. (If you do not know, I have to exercise to angry music, happy just don’t get the juices flowing. Angry, angry music!) Now The Grudge is different than Testify in many ways, but the big difference that matters for this story is that the music builds in pace instead of coming out of the gates charging. Anyway… I slow down due to my new musical choice and the guy next to me kind of gets this smug look on his face…. But my pace is slowly increasing. Why can’t I go to the gym without having to deal with the über-competitive jerks?

Well, when I was at minute 25 this guy gets off of the machine next to me and Rage comes back on so my Strides per Minute rockets back up to about 190 again. It looked like he almost got back on the machine so he could “school” me again. Whatever. People acting like this is one of the reasons I stopped going in the first place. The other reasons boil down to my own sloth and inherent laziness.

I am not an expert at gym morays and values, but I think that competing with whomever you happen to be next to is not the best of actions. Jerk

Anyway… other than the soreness associated with a new workout, not much is going on here.

To recap:
Competitive jerks are annoying
The “Time to make the donuts.” has come and passed
R.I.P. Fred the baker, you will be missed
Man, my ass is sore now
Stupid Ass!
I have not been able to find a downloadable copy of Zach’s March of Death
Edit: Never mind just got it from a German site
Left-overs for dinner
Left-overs ain’t so bad when it is shrimp fettuccini
Mmm shrimp