Happy New Year?

Oh, the New Year is here. How the Hell did that happen? One minute it is 2005 and then, all of the sudden, it is 2006.

So without further ado my list of New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Drink more water

… and that’s it. Aim low and you might hit your un-lofty goals. I learnt that in Alabama.

So anyway… I actually have a goodly amount of work to get done now. Sure I have had nothing to do for a good 3 weeks, but now, I have tons of stuff that must be finished before Thursday. When it rains it pours.

Speaking of rain… it should be freaking snowing right now! But no! It is raining! I hate cold rain. I would much rather watch fluffy snowflakes slowly drift to the newly carpeted ground instead of a damp dark cold rain. I would much rather have my winter in the appointed months than wait until April for it to be below freezing and snowy. Winter should occur in the winter, damnit! I swear this was like having the holidays in Alabama again. Mid 40’s and rain, Happy New Year!!

Speaking of New Year… Dick Clark looked and sounded horrible. Yes, I know he had a stroke, but iut was still sad to see such an icon of a holiday actually age. Sure he hasn’t aged in 40 years, so it was bound to happen sometime. I mean, really, he was due.

Speaking of due… I think we have a DVD from the Library that is due. It is a Bear in the Big Blue House DVD and the Little Man love it. I, however nice Bear in the Big Blue House is, am insanely tired of it. He wants to watch it non-stop. He dances to all the songs. He sings along with most of them, and gets perturbed when I don’t sing along. That is how he does things.

Speaking of how he does things… We (Wifey picked it out and purchased it, I just get partial credit by association) got Little Man one of those Crayola 64 pack of crayons. You know the ones that only the well-to-do kids had in kindergarden. Yeah, the ones with silver, gold, copper, and periwinkle in them. The ones that made you feel inferior if you had the measly 32 pack, or God Forbid, the appalling 12 pack of crayons. The crayon pack that whiney little Becky Williamsonovabitch would complain to teacher about when she broke her “Cornflower Blue” crayon. Shut the Hell up Becky! choose one of your other blues while I color with the communal crayons found in the classroom’s art supply closet that have melted together into a swirly kind of shit brown! Just shut the hell up, Becky! Nobody likes you! Ummm… where was I? Oh yes, even though we have a veritable plethora of colors for him to choose from, Little Man uses the 3 craptastic crayons we got from a local restaurants kids menu. I think they are magenta, green and yellow. He is quite the artiste!

To Recap:
Goodbye 2005, we knew you well
Hello 2006
2006 seems very much like the old 2005
I am so glad I do not live in Alabama anymore
Mmmm Water
As a kid, I once had a dream that the school bus was backing up over Becky, turns out the “Beep, Beep, Beep” was not the bus going in reverse, but my alarm
I was sorely disappointed
Number 1: because the bus did not run over Becky
Number 2: because I had to get up and go to school
Magenta, green, and yellow swirl together to make a shit brown
Little Man and I are alike that way