Habitual Whimsy

Going with the theme from Thursday…

So, it is lunch time yet again. This seems to happen every day. Go figure. Anyway, today I am having what coworkers have (affectionately, I suppose) named “Cracka Stew.” “What is ‘Cracka Stew?’” you may ask. Well, dear reader, this is a midday delicacy that consists of 1 can of Campbell’s Chunky soup and a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers. Healthy? Umm… No. Tasty? Yup. Filling? Eh, kinda. I will be hungry in about 2 hours. Already I am thinking about what wonders the snack machine has in store for me. But c’est la vie.

The big problem with an exercise regime is the whole regimen thing. Getting into the swing of actually getting into a habit of exercising is a bitch. Unlike bad habits, good habits are very difficult to form, but insanely easy to drop. Prior to the birth of my first child (God, I sound like an aspirin commercial from the early 90’s) I was going to the gym regularly. In his first 3 months of life, I was going to the gym regularly. Even though I was amazingly sleep deprived, I still made it to the gym 3 days a week. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was in much better shape than I am now. I needed less sleep (which was good since I was getting none). My outlook was generally sunny and warm. I was getting up at 5 am to work out, and then head into work. Every other day I was going to the gym during the week. It was a good system, and I had been doing it solid for about 6 months.

I do not remember the date, but I do remember the day. It was a Thursday. It was a chilly Thursday morning in November of aught 3. I got up and went to the gym at 5 am, just like I always did. I pulled into the gym’s parking lot like I always did. Put all my valuables in the center console of my car, like I always did. I took off my jacket, like I always did. Then I reached for my gym bag like I always did, except I had left it at my home a mere 10 minutes away. I put my jacket back on. I put my valuables in my pockets. I drove back home. I got in bed. I went back to sleep. I got up late. I got to work late. I charged PTO for that time. Most importantly, I did not go back to the gym (except to cancel my membership) until December 27th 2005. How’s that for dropping a good habit? I got mad skilz!

Anyway… Wifey is doing much better. She is actually able to function for a complete day before her head tries to explode. I have to say that is an improvement.

To recap:
So I didn’t go to the gym today, that doesn’t mean I am not going ever go again…
Yep, I am already getting hungry again (it has been 1 ½ hours, I am a slow typist)
God, I hate the weather here, it is playing havoc with my sinuses again
These 20 degree swings are tiresome
It is getting time for a 20 questions blog
Send ‘em if you got ‘em
Nothing says you are old and married like stretching before getting into bed so you can sleep better