More Human

Wifey is doing much better, but reading is quite the chore for her still. It seems that focusing her eyes for concentration inducing tasks really wears her out at the moment. Time will make this vertigo go away.

I feel much more human today. I got about 10 hours of sleep last night so I am no longer coming apart at the seams. So at least I have that going for me. Unfortunately, with all of Little Man’s illness, the caregivers weird scheduling, and Wifey’s illness going on I have a mountain of work that needs to be done. Stupid work, getting in the way of the other stuff.

I am really tapped out at the moment. I promise that I will write something pithy and wonderful tomorrow. At least wonderful to me.

To recap
My bologna has a first name
Wifey is doing better
Little Man is doing fine
I am still tired, just not as tired
Meatballs for dinner
It is waaaay too hot for this to be mid-January
I need to clean off my desk, it is quite the mess
More to come tomorrow