It is that time in a parent’s life when their little one (Little Man in my case) has decided that he will start having Indecision Melt-Downs. What exactly is an Indecision Melt-Down (IMD for short)? Well, the answer is a bit lengthy and requires anecdotes. In short (but not so short as IMD is short for Indecision Melt-Down), an IMD is a tantrum like episode brought about by a child’s ever changing whim.

Example 1: Lunch with Little Man on Friday: We (Wifey and I) have a wonderful time with Little Man in the hobby store picking out a new Thomas piece and some new track, but then we have to go and get some lunch.
Me: Little Man, do you want to go to Yellow King or Orange King? (McDonald’s or Burger King, respectively, for those new to this here blogaroony).
Little Man: Orange King!
Okay, Burger King it is. Meet you there, SRH (I came directly from work, whilst they played at an indoor playground.)
We all drive over to BK, and I notice that Wifey and Little Man have parked over by the exit.
W: I almost brained LM a second ago.
M: Why is that?
W: When we got here, Little Man started to say, “Yellow King! No Orange King! YELLOW KING!!!” So, we started to exit from here to go to McDonald’s, but when we got to the exit he started saying, “ORANGE KING!! ORANGE KING!!” and sobbing.
M: Yes, I know this game well….

Example 2: What to watch Saturday afternoon:
Little Man, you want to watch Train or Bear?
LM: Green Bear.
(A specific Bear in the Big Blue House)
M: Okay, let’s get it into the DVD
We get it in the DVD player and fire it up
M: Fine
(a bit too sarcastically), we can watch Train, but you said you wanted Bear.
/weeping NO BEAR. Train…

These are just 2 examples from a litany of examples Wifey and I could provide. IMD’s tend to follow the same pattern. We let Little Man choose between Option A and Option B. He chooses one of those options and then screams and cries for the other option when we implement his original choice. Rather tiresome. It really is a no win situation.

It seems the “Terrible 2’s” are indeed upon us.

To Recap:
I have heard that the Terrible 2’s really last from 1.5 to 20
At least there is an end in sight
If you are going to give someone a “Plaque of Recognition” make sure your lower case Q’s and lower case G’s do not look exactly alike
Changes the whole meaning of the “award”
I am soooooo tired of Little Man’s favorite Thomas DVD
It hurts me to watch it anymore
Wifey was out of town this weekend
So Little Man and I went hiking without her
A good time was had by all