License to Ill

I am not feeling well today. It is a cold. A nasty little bug. The issue with me having a cold is not necessarily the discomfort that I have to deal with whilst my sinuses are trying to explode. No, the main issue is that Wifey and I automatically go to DEFCON 4 when one of us gets ill prior to Little Man having the illness. As the father of a child with fairly severe asthmas, it is scary for a sinus-y or congestion related illness to go sweeping through the house. I know there is a chance that Little Man will not pick up my illness, but in truth, him not getting this is not bloody likely. I get a head cold, and fears of ER visits and Little Man hospitalizations come bubbling up to the forefront.

I wish I could just sit back and idly worry about my kid getting a cold, but more often than not, when Little Man gets a cold, his breathing gets severely compromised. When his breathing gets compromised, we have to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours and that sometimes does not keep us from the ER and the dreaded miracle known as Orapred. Worrying about this is just tiring. Now, not only am I sick and trying to fend off this malady, I am also worried about my little one. I will feel guilty when Wifey contracts this, and I will feel doubly so when Little Man starts his symptons. I should not feel guilty about it, but I will.

I am riding the snake of Advil Cold and Sinus whilst over-loading my system with Vitamin C and Echinacea, and partaking in the wonders only referred to as nasal spray, so I am a bit on the spacey side today. I probably should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery (especially heavy machinery in the shape of an ’03 Jetta), and I probably should not be allowed to post this post. I have not had an illness induced post for a while, so this is kind of due.

To my co-workers who read this blog, I assure you that I am covering my mouth when I cough and I have been consistently washing my hands throughout the day. I have even been using that Purell-esque stuff as often as I walk by it.

To Recap:
Sorry for the lack of funny, but I feel like crap
I need a nap
I hope Little Man can avoid this illness
I am not pinning much on that hope
Did I mention that I needed a nap?
The other issue I am dealing with here is that even my lack of motivation has left me