Stop judging me

Currently there are a bunch of strangers walking through our house. This is one of the freaky things that happens when your house is on the market. You have to get used to people you do not know – and probably wouldn’t like - judging your lifestyle, and, more often than not, deciding that the place that you are currently dwelling is not acceptable to them. They look at our life and find it lacking. They mock our bedspread. They judge our curtains. That kind of hurts. They are probably making fun of our bathroom with the tile ceiling and hard wood floors right now. I know I did when I first went through the place.

Stop judging me for not mowing my grass on Sunday, potential house buyers. Yes, we are still planning on putting those bags of mulch on our side flower beds. We are not planning on leaving six bags of mulch in their bags on our back yard walkway. It is just that I thought it would be better if there were not roof debris in the attic. Sheesh, getting a house ready for showing is hard.

They are laughing at the “watch your head” sign on the stairway down to the basement, but they are invariably hitting their heads on the low stairway ceiling. It is deceptively sloped, it is. I understand you questioning the remnants of the painters tape in the living room and the dining room. Deal with it, the tape tore, and it is not really willing to come off. I have tried to remove it, but it does not want to budge. Yes we are planning on spackling those holes in the plaster, we just have not had the time. I am going to clean the fridge out, when I get the chance, but I have a job. Like you are so perfect…

I just hope they don’t steal my last Grape Crush. It is mine, mine, all mine! Do they think the dust on the NordicTrack means that I do not exercise anymore? I go to the gym, buddy, and I will probably jump on the NordicTrack while watching World Cup games next month. So, just get off my back. Provided, of course, we are not in the process of moving, at that time.

The good thing is that our house went on the market yesterday and we already have 2 showings today and one for Saturday scheduled. At least we got that going for us.

To recap:
Work is insane right now
There are so many projects that are coming due right now
I have 3 of the 4 bridge rendering first drafts done
I will post them when they are completed
About 3 weeks from now
We are chatting with the financial guy tonight about mortgage pre-approval
Dinner with the ‘rents last night was fine
I miss my cats
Quit looking at my stuff – look at my house, not my stuff
Even cheap pizza is good pizza